7 new releases in Belgian underground music

In a new monthly series on notable releases coming out of the Belgian underground, we go from trash-pop to codeine-rap and back to give you the best of what we’re currently listening to.   

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1. Shetahr – A sausage has 2 (Self-released, April 2015)


Driven by animalistic drums, edgy guitare and a howling voice that’ll bite your face off, Brussels-based three-piece outfit Shetahr (Lotte Beckwé, Nick Defour and Maarten Raskin) dabble in trash-pop that makes you dance. Raw, messy and gutsy, the band’s debut album is a raucous and rapid succession of angst-riddled anthems. Think The Rapture in their early days, or even The Chinese Stars.

Upcoming gigs in Belgium

May 22 – The Word presents Locals Only, Brussels, BE

June 05 – Water Moulin, Tournai, BE

June 23 – Magasin4, Brussel, BE

June 26 – Kraak, Antwerpen, BE

Listen to Shetahr’s debut LP over on their Bandcamp

2. Wulfy Benzo – DoggleFox (Self-released, April 2015)

Wulfy Benzo Doggle Fox

Waldo Pardon, otherwise known as Wulfy Benzo, is an 18-year old writer, rapper, producer and visual artist originally from Leuven and currently based in Brussels. Somewhat of a virtuoso on the mic, the kid delivers hard-nosed rhymes on a slew of bass-heavy productions that he describes on his Bandcamp as cough-syrup themed rap music. Listen to Beta Waves, one of the album’s strongest tracks, and you’ll see what he means.

Listen to Wulfy Benzo’s latest LP over on his Bandcamp.

3. Sagat – Melting the earth onto the body without organs (Vlek, April 2015)

Sagat-Melting the earth onto the body without organs

A few off-hand, unedited thoughts that spring to mind when listening to Sagat’s latest release on Brussels-bassed imprint Vlek:

  • Any album that opens with a cowbell’s always sure to get our vote.
  • Dark, somber and moody. Hard even.
  • Broken layers of soundscapes with a bass thump that hits you by surprise when you least expect it.
  • Not for the faint-hearted. This is for the initiated only.
  • Black vinyl in a sleeve designed, printed, letterpressed, cut & glued by Dimitri Runkkari.

Classic Vlek basically ;-)

Listen to Melting the earth onto the body without organs over on Sagat’s Bandcamp page

4. DSR Lines – Analogie van de Dageraad (Jj Funhouse, April 2015)

DSR Lines Anologie Van De Dageraad

Released on Antwerp’s Jj Funhouse (who recorded an exclusive mix for us a while back), DSR Lines’ Analogie van de Dageraad is a soft-spoken journey into the more experimental fringes of electronic music. Recorded as a set of live improvisations and released as a limited edition C45 tape, the album – the brainchild of David Edren – is a sublime piece of work, subtle in its twists but firm in its command. Favourite track: Rotor, which we selected for our Locals Only playlist on 22tracks.

Listen to Analogie van de Dageraad over on DSR Lines’ Bandcamp page
Visit Jj Funhouse’s website.



Electronic-infused jazz improv’ that’d make Sun Ra proud. Taniwha, the album’s last track, is a masterpiece.

Listen to the album here

6. Bright Entity – Flying While Standing

bright entity

Pop-infused electronic out on Brussels-based Holger. Read an interview with the duo here.

7. KZK – Voorzet


Dutch raps, bass-heavy beats and club bangers. Belgian highway music, with a touch of Man Bites Dog. Steen na steen’s a clear chart topper, as is Wuxhi Wuxhi.

Listen to the album here