Nosedrip. A name that seems to be on every self-respecting music head of late. Intriguing and self-effacing, the 23-year old rising star’s tastes are nothing if not eclectic – a mix of his will typically tap into everything from The Flaming Lips and King Krule to King Midas Sound and David Lynch. Hailing from Ostende but based in Ghent, the kid is clearly going places. We caught up with him a couple of days after his set at our white album release party to talk tribes and Testarossas. Scroll down to the bottom of the interview for a free mix. 

Nosedrip. Quite the name. How did you pick it?

Dynooo found it. I thought it was funny and kept it. The name I had before was even worse…

When and where were you born?

Ostend, November 1988. A few hours later I ended up in Leuven to get my face fixed.

Where do you live?

In Ghent.

Which current musical tribe/scene do you feel the closest to at the moment?

Just the people I see on a regular basis. I don’t feel connected to people who like the same music as I do actually.

How would you describe your style and sound?

All drama

Describe your listener to us. Who do you think your music speaks to?

People who can get along with themselves when they are alone I hope…

Tell us a little about your childhood. How did it shape your musical direction?

I grew up in Mariakerke, Ostend, with a lot of guys and almost no girls. We were outside all the time skating and doing stupid white kids shit. We didn’t listen to music much and when we did then to Punk, Dancehall or Drum and Bass, which I had almost no affinity with. I listened to Hip hop, but the real interest came when I was around 19.

Growing up, did you have any posters on your wall? If so, which ones?

First I had a Ferrari Testarossa and a Disney Book Club For Kids one with a picture of myself on it. The skate posters came later.

Who would you say is the most important figure in your life musically?

Timothy, Shaerin, Dynooo, Lorin, Tommy and Gummy.

Which five albums would make your 2011 top list?

I don’t really have a top five, but I listened the most to My Friend Wallis – On Hawaiian Time, Julia Holter – Tragedy. James Pants – James Pants, Drake – Take Care and Seekae – +Dome.

What’s the best party you played at in 2011?

The Nachtlawaai parties at AAP Ghent were very enjoyable for me. 10DaysOff was a blessing too.

What three songs would you play to a girl on a first date?

I would say DJ Jazzy Jeff – Roc Wit U, Laurel Canyon – I Gotta Woman (Abel Edit), Pac Div – Show You. Most probably something dark and sad.

What’s missing in your life today, if anything?

Cash, girls and adventures. But I’m fine.

What’s coming for you in 2012?

Good times I hope…

What websites do you religiously have to check every day?

The usual: Facebook, Gmail, some newspapers, porn and VBS.TV. I also used to check a lot of dog shelter websites.

Which radio show/podcasts do you recommend?

Definitely mine… and Duyster‘s, every finders keepers mix and Ahu’s Avant-Garde.

Are you on Twitter? Who do you recommend we follow?

Yes, I am. The tweets of @Demhunger & @Kimhollandxx already made my day today.

Listen to Nosedrip’s Word-exclusive mix below. To put it in his own words: “It’s a 33-track mix to cry on at night…”

Track list

Amen Dunes – Baba Yaga
Memory Tapes – Humming
Apparat – Ash Black Veil
F.S. Blumm / Lucrecia Dalt – Old Amigos
Milagres – To Be Imagined
Seekae – You’ll
Cymbals Eat Guitars – The Current
Connan Mockasin – Fakking Jazz Together
Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica
My Friend Wallis – Sky Horse
Chad Vangaalen – Rabid Bits Of Time
Welder – I Still
Atlas Sound – Doldrums
Rangers – Jane’s Well
Dynooo – Onion Funck
King Krule – 36N63
Yes Please – Mazu Heart Sutra (Naminé Remix)
Andy Stott – Intermittent
Daughter – Home
James Pants – Screams Of Passion
Quilt – The Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan
U.S. Girls – Island Song
Washed Out – Far Away
Pressed And – Parties
Wonder Bear – Hunziker’s Bowl
DRC Music – Departure (Ft. Bokatola System)
Zomby – Basquiat
Babes – Noel
Maria Minerva – I Luv Ctrl
The Flaming Lips – Squishy Glass
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Mockingbird Comes Calling For You
Julia Holter – Office Of The Dead