To say we’re excited about Le 77’s debut full-length album – the aptly-titled Bawlerz – is an understatement. Since its release on Friday, the 12-track opus has been on heavy-rotation, each new listen revealing yet another reason why the future firmly belongs to “le double sept.” From Fele Le Flingue’s machine-gun flow to Peet’s piss-funny lyricism and Morgan’s funky fresh production, the album succeeds in bringing to the fore a more engaged side to the Laeken-based act, one that pre-album singles Helly Hansen and Bawlerangers had yet to divulge. Indeed, cuts such as Ipop – a 7-minute long damning critic of our politicians’ shortcomings (and there are many) – show the duo adopting a more engaged and embattled stance, whilst La Sape (featuring Brussels hip hop poster boy Romeo Elvis) makes good on Le 77’s reputation for artistic risk-taking, jumping on a UK garage production with effortless ease. All in all, this is the album we’ve been waiting for, the album that attests to the local scene’s capacity to rise above expectations (trap-heavy thuggery, bling-blingerry and the likes) and come correct with something resolutely new, something we can’t say having previously heard. Fact is, technically, musically and lyrically, nothing even comes close today. So, to mark the occasion, we’ve decided to share a few photographs Le 77 took exclusively for us on a recent tour through France in which you’ll recognise a few familiar faces.

Le 77’s Bawlerz is available on all streaming platforms.