Perron Zes selects 15 essential Belgian tracks

Jonas Mergan, Lars Boelaerts, Miel Audenaert, and Dennis Meersman, the boys behind Brussels’ multidisciplinary music collective Perron Zes selected their 15 finest Belgian releases for us. Growing up in different parts of Flanders during the 90s, they found each other while studying the arts in the capital. Today, they’re busy hosting a bunch of soirées, including another Underwater party at Fuse on 23rd of March, fashion collaborations with Subbacultcha and Tamsir de Halleux, and an upcoming Vicking Groove EP. God bless.

Aphex Twin – Polynomical-C (1992)

A collaboration between one of the best Belgian underground labels, and one of the greatest producers of all times. Polynomial-C is melodic, dreamy, and at the same time plenty hard-hitting as well. Let it absorb you and experience a journey of great ambiance, balancing on different synths and effects.

Golin – Doki (2017)

Much love for this girl, a US-Japanese artist currently living in Brussels. This is the intro track on her first album, released on Brussels’ Midlife label. Next to singing, she also wrote, produced and recorded the whole thing by herself.

T99 – Anasthasia (1991)

Classic rave anthem from back in the early 90s, played virtually in every club!

Walter Hus – Universal Nation (2013)

Walter Hus took part in the documentary The Sound of Belgium in 2014, for which he composed an adapted version of the Belgian trance classic Universal Nation with his decap organ. This unique instrument allows you to understand very varied music, but can just as well focus on psychic sound landscapes with pure electro and techno compositions.

Nicholas Lens – Flamma Flamma (1994)

Nicholas Lens is a classical composer for Bruges, based in Vienna. Flamma Flamma is the first part of a trilogy he made in the 90s. More recently, he made the opera Shellshock with Nick Cave.

Wim Mertens – The Strange Attractor (1981)

An early production by composer Wim Mertens. His first work consists of minimalistic, electronic productions. Later on, he focussed on classical music – but even then he kept pushing the boundaries.

Hiele – Kaneda (2014)

This track is a perfect example in how Hiele combines various styles and shapes into his own signature sound.

ssaliva – I Appreciate Your Concern (2017)

There are only a few artists like ssaliva. He has a big number of releases under several aliases, which made it even harder to choose a favorite track, but this is definitely one of his bests. The sounds go hand in hand with a next level Core Pan visual.

James Ferraro – Untitled B (2016)

You would never expect to hear the rare sounds from the multi-talented James Ferraro on a little underground label based in Rotselaar, a small suburb near Leuven. Aguirre Records is a real hidden treasure, their first release saw the light around 2012 and nowadays they keep surprising us with fresh sound.

Telex – Moskow Diskow (1979)

Telex was the first Belgian electro-pop group ever, founded by synthesizer pioneer Marc Moulin. With their album Looking for St Tropez they made everybody dance in the late 70s. Beside this, Moulin is an example of finesse and definitely deserves a spot in this list for being one of the greatest musicians Belgium ever knew.

The Neon Judgement – Factory Walk (1981)

A new wave band hailing from Leuven, The Neon Judgement are part of the first generation of electronic body music (EBM): new wave synth-pop and dance music, underlain by cold, mechanical rhythms. Their initial music is aggressive, danceable and dominated by synthesizers and drum-machines.

Sky H1 – Huit (2017)

Huit is released on Bill Kouligas’ PAN Records. It’s part of the true legendary ambient compilation Mono No Aware.

Philip Catherine – Nairam (1974)

One of the best Belgian guitarists. A true master of the 6 strings.

The Kids – Fascist Cops (1978)

Back then The Kids played a major role in the worldwide punk scene and are without any doubt one of the greatest Belgian bands… ACAB!

Andy – Boem Boem Boem (1998)

This legendary euro dance 90s kid – Jimmy’s little brother, frontman of Get Ready – was only 9 when he released this track. This kids knows what he wants!