POP ETC aren’t new kids on the block in the strictest sense – they’re basically a reincarnation of San Francisco chamber pop quartet The Morning Benders. Not only have they changed their name to the clever POP ETC, they’ve also changed their tune – and quite radically at that. The band’s sound comes from a baroque-laden place, and comes complete with guitars, drums, violins and other instruments you’d expect from an indie rock band; POP ETC however – as the name suggests – are basically all pop (auto-tunage included) but the really good, original kind. Songs like ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ and ‘Yoyo’ from their (now available) self-titled “debut” album would probably be huge hits in another galaxy: in our world they’re considered true (indie) pop gems.



It’s about time we featured a band from Belgium on here. After all, we’re a Belgian magazine and love showcasing talent grown from Belgian soil. Meet Stacks… who might be described as Depeche Mode meets John Maus, or 80s pop meets contemporary synthpop. Stacks smacks like London, but is actually from Antwerp. His first efforts ‘Dream You’ and ‘But Loving You’ are the kind of songs you fall in love with rightaway and end up playing at least 17 times in a row. Simple but so addictive – the best kind. And believe it or not, while writing this we got news that his full-length Voices is out now and available for free via his Bandcamp.



You’ve probably already witnessed the work of Yoann Lemoine without even realising it: Drake and Rihanna’s Take Care, Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die and Blue Jeans, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream Woodkid has directed the videos for all these and more. When Yoann steps into the studio, he goes by the name of Woodkid and does things a little differently than the rest. His big, drum-driven sound makes us pick up our armour and look for battles rightaway – his stunning videos, directed by the man himself, that accompany his first two singles Iron and Run Boy Run only emphasise this feeling. Keep an eye out for this one – Woodkid is set to conquer the world this year.