Post-grunge three-piece Sale Gosse’s teenage antics

Post-grunge. Blues-punk. Whatever you choose to call it, the sound of Brussels-based band Sale Gosse packs a punch. A three-piece consisting of mother Agathe, her fifteen year old son Nino and adopted daughter Randa, the band has just recently burst onto the scene with a debut, three-track EP released on upstart, Liège-based record label Luik Records yesterday. With the tight-knit crew set to take the stage next Thursday at our release party in Bozar, we asked them to toy around with one of our throwaway cameras to give us a taste of what we’re in for.

Join us on Thursday 16th June at Bozar for a night of locals only concerts (Sale Gosse, It It Anita and KZK) and DJ sets (soFa and Sixsixsixties) to mark the release of our June-July edition