Queer rap, filling in for Burial and the next big voice to hit the charts

Mykki Blanco

“Welcome to hell bitches, this is Mykki Blanco” spits Mykki Blanco in the first line of his breakthrough-hit ‘Wavvy’. A couple of weeks ago we promised no more gay rappers, but Mykki Blanco is so unique we couldn’t stay away. He dresses up as a woman (but we’re not gonna use the term ‘drag queen’ because Mykki hangs somewhere in the balance between the two genders and takes the best from both worlds). His male agressivity is combined with a sexy, “je m’en fou” female allure, a noxious mix that makes him one of the most interesting figures on the scene today. Plus we think he’s a pretty sexy woman, which is always a plus. He’s part of the upcoming NYC Queer Rap scene which you can read more about over at Pitchfork.



Brolin is a self-taught bedroom producer (his words, not ours) from Brooklyn (wild guess, but his name strongly suggests it). His debut single “NYC” embodies all the sweet things in music: a certain amount of nostalgia, a twist of dream pop and just the right amount of layered beats. He fits perfectly in a lineup of post-James Blake producers, but stands out for his simplicity. “Life is short, even when you’re ten feet tall” jokes Brolin, but we feel he’s a kid who takes his music very seriously. According to The Guardian, Brolin might even be “the new Burial”.  Big shoes to fill, so.


Laura Mvula

Breaking More Waves:  2012 was a very good year for lady singers whose names begin with “L”: Lana Del Rey and Lianna La Havas being the first to spring to mind. 2013 could be another good vintage (we kind of dig the idea of singers as wines) as Laura Mvula is destined for stardom. Armed with a sweet, pure voice, a no-nonsense look and one very impressive debut single, the future is looking good for the young lady. Worth mentioning is also the fact that she’s in the process of recording her debut album with Tom Elmhirst, aka the guy behind some of the world’s biggest stars, namley Adele and Amy Winehouse. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.