With their first joint promoting effort hitting Brussels this Saturday, we caught up with Breakconvention‘s Ross Clements and Dr Vinyl‘s Geert Sermon, the brains behind the night, to talk about the headlining act, the importance of bringing local acts to the mix and the possibility of a surprise DJ set by a local hero. 

What’s special about this event?

We want to host the sort of live music event that Saturday nights should be all about. We’ve put together a great lineup of emerging DJs and bands from Ghent, Brussels and London; six live performances mixed with a series of experimental DJ sets by Dr Vinyl and Acid Blues Club.

Can you tell us a little bit about the headline acts? 

Headliners ‘The Collectable Few’ have a taut and energetic take on guitar-based pop.  They’ve just released the single ‘Model Behaviour’, the first since their acclaimed debut ‘Headstrong’ which gained airplay and support from the likes of 6Music, XFM, Music Week, NME & The Playground in early 2011. Later on, there’ll be a set by Brussels-based electro pop duo, ‘Joy Wellboy‘, who are due to release their debut album “Let’s Make Love Before We Die” on Doctor Vinyl Records. They’ve had airplay on BBC Radio 6 and rotation on German National daytime radio and the tracks have been remixed by a handfull of Brussels dance music producers (DC Salas & Rick Shiver).

They’re rather unknown in Belgium. A bit of a risk no?

Every gig I’ve booked them gets the same great response from the audience. I was with Nat & Tom at Breakconvention’s recent Christmas show when a young guy came up to us after the gig with two Vinyl copies of their first singles and asked for them both to be signed by the band. In hindsight I should have asked this guy to work for me as he obviously know’s a good band when he sees one!

Who would you compare them to? 

It’s difficult to compare ‘The Collectable Few’, because I believe their sound is still in the process of finding its own niche. There are times when they remind me of 80’s bands like The Cure & early 90’s bands like The Lemonheads. Their influences include Blur, The Cure, Beach HouseCrystal Castles, Mount Kimbie, Velvet Underground, Surfer Blood, Grizzly Bear, Best Coast and Wild Beasts.

Why was it important for you to also bring in local acts to the night?

After witnessing the popularity of indie pop gigs in venues like Botanique and L’Ancienne Belgique, I knew there was a strong scene in Brussels, and that many people would embrace an event like ours if we got our communication right. We’ve gathered a great lineup of support bands, including Gentlemen of Verona, Collectors, Red Juliette, Acid Blues Club & Archibald West.

A few words on the collaboration with Dr Vinyl? 

I believe Geert Sermon & I are kindred spirits…music lovers on a mission. We met in early 2011, and quickly realised that there was a place in Brussels for a series of live events that deliver a cross-genre mix of live music under one roof, all in one night. We agreed ‘Beursschouwburg‘ would be the perfect venue because of its central location and its status as a cultural center that supports emerging artists and bands. Naturally, we were delighted when they saw things the same way!

A lot of people were hoping Geert would actually be playing…Anyway of convincing him last minute?

I believe Mr Sermon may make a sneaky appearance behind the wheels of steel. I know he’s been producing some great new tracks with ‘Joy Wellboy’ recently, and may not be able to resist the opportunity to showcase these tracks in a Dr Vinyl mix.

What’s next for you in Brussels? Which acts are you bringing to town next?

My email inbox has been red-hot since I announced Breakconvention would be hosting events in Brussels. A great emerging band I worked with in 2011 and would like to bring to Brussels in 2012 are Manchester’s ‘Rook and the Ravens“, with their powerful brand of Americana/pop-rock music. They’re already attracting serious interest in the US.

The Collectable Few, Joy Wellboy, Gentlemen of Verona & Red Juliette Live!
Saturday 3rd March, from 19h30
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
All info here