Run Tell Secrecy for The Word Magazine’s 5th birthday

As you’ve probably guessed, The Word Magazine is about to turn five. To mark the occasion, a number of Belgian grandees have recorded special birthday mixes, each inspired by one of our 25 past issues. Perfect, really, for getting us all whipped up into a frenzy of anticipation for our big birthday bash on 22nd February. Kicking off the series are Thieu Seynaeve, Sjam Janssens and Rick Roels from Brussels-based DJ collective Run Tell Secrecy, an assemblage made up of projects Jealov, VUURWERK, and Kwatsa. Their mix is “an eclectic mix of stuff that really influenced us over the past couple of months. Every track has a certain immunity to it, something twitchy that gets under your skin”, to quote the three musicians. Just perfect for the Skin issue, so…

How did it all start for you guys? 

Almost three years ago we started making music together. It was a relief to us, it originated out of nowhere, out of lost times on dance floors, out of bygone beats… It felt natural. We started as Jealov, but one year later VUURWERK was born. It was something we had to do, like a branch growing from a tree, making things more complex but also keeping it in balance. We were aiming for a more straightforward dance approach, something simple, only to realise our roots lie deeper in experiment than we initially believed. We basically lived in our studio in Brussels at that time. DJing, producing, creating on a daily basis. Till one of us moved to Africa for three months. And we were put on hold again. We realised we couldn’t make it alone, that we were brothers more than anything, strong together, lost without each other… When he came back, a new sidekick of the Run Tell family was born: Kwatsa. Darker, deeper, heavier than anything we’ve ever made before.

Is music a full time thing for you?

Music is our only reality.

Can you describe the mix in a few words?

It’s based on The Word’s Skin Issue. All tracks are kind of related to the imminent feeling of change and transition. Something deep inside. Surfacing. Ever-evolving. Ranging from quick peaks to slothful progression. Every track has a certain immunity and solitude to it, something twitchy that gets under your skin.

Can you tell us more about the exclusive track?

It’s an unreleased track by Kwatsa, our latest project. It’s a bit deeper and darker and it’s got this kinda swampy feel to it. The lyric always gets me. Genuine. Honest. Straightforward. Yet sad.

When and where did you record it?

The mix was recorded at our apartment in Brussels. It’s raining, it’s cold, it’s dark, but it’s okay.

Can you tell us more about the artwork you submitted?

The artwork really suits the mix we made, something decadent, yet smooth, pretty but hard, something representing the ever-changing musical scene, like changing skins.

What’s your favourite track on it?

The one with the weird intro, and that sudden break.

What are your top 3 albums of the year so far and why?

Burial – Truant / Rough Sleeper

Gold Panda – Trust Ep

Nosaj Thing – Home

What have you got coming up in the next few weeks?

2013 will bring more music from the Run Tell Secrecy collective. VUURWERK will release it’s first full vinyl “ME+ONE” somewhere in April. Jealov’s full length debut will hopefully be ready before the summer, and will sound way more hip-hop than anything we’ve done so far. Kwatsa will release a couple of vinyl-only techno tracks. Run Tell Secrecy remains a DJ-crew, warming up private house parties, putting out series of mixtapes, and spreading all kinds of awesomeness.


Wax Tailor – Beyond The Words
Mr Little Jeans – The Suburbs
Holy Other -Touch (Supreme Cuts Mix)
The XX – Night Time (Synkro Remix)EvianChrist – MYDHappa – Secrets
Kwatsa – I Wish You (unreleased)
Ben Pearce – What I Might Do
Justin Timberlake ft Clipse – Like I Love YouAluna George – Just A TouchDisclosure – Tenderly
Grimes – Skin (Four Tet Flip)
A Made Up Sound – Sun Touch
Kill Frenzy – Titsss
Eskmo – I Just WantArtek – Out Of Touch
VUURWERK – Silicon Hope (forthcoming on Dandelion Lotus Records)