San Soda’s 10 favourite Belgian releases

In the run-up to his appearance at the first edition of Listen – the latest festival to hit the Brussels circuit – next week, Berlin-based Belgian DJ-producer San Soda selects ten of his favourite Belgian cuts for us. Classics, as well as a few lesser-known gems.

1. Mr White – Gimme Some Acid  (MG Records, 1988)
Classic Ro Maron production that, despite of the use of classic drum computers/synthesizers of that era, succeeds in achieving a unique sound.

2. Ragged Life – “My Friend is Taking Drugs” (Indian Chiefs Records, 1999)
DIY Trance avant la lettre.

3. Cos – “Flamboya” (Viva Boma, 1995)
Fantastic Jazz Rock from the mid 70s.

4. Janko Nilovic “Funky tramway” (LP “Funky Tramway” by Mad Unity, 1975).
More from the 70s, with that classic harder funk sound with drums and horns on the foreground.

5. IN-D – “Virgin IN-D Sky’s” (Subway Records, 1988)
One of my favorite tracks from Marcos Salon.

6. Placebo, “Ball of eyes” (LP Aria, 1971)
Legendary Belgian jazz band under the direction of Marc Moulin.

7. Amnesia – “Ibiza (Beat Mix)” (BCM Records, 1988)
Timeless club track.

8. Le Mystere ‎– “Opus 303″ (On The Beat album, 1990)
Ro Maron again who manages to turn a hotchpotch of sounds and styles into a piece of art.

9. Sijn – “Sexjunkie” (Euphoric, 2004)

Good example of how Belgian artists are hard to pigeonhole.

10. Chakachas – “Stories” (Acvo Records, 1972)
Music that really speaks to the imagination, Belgian / Exotic.