Slagwerk co-founder Trime’s 10 favourite Belgian releases

DJ, promotor and agent-in-the-making at Culte, Otis Dehaes – who goes by his stage name Trime – is equally part of the Slagwerk collective, hosting parties with them in his hometown of Leuven ever since he’s been a teenager. Making their Brussels debut on Wednesday at Recyclart (and having invited none other than Air Max 97), we asked him to compile us a playlist of his all-time favourite Belgian releases. Tilting heavily towards contemporary electronica, this list sure counts more than a couple of gems.

1. Gonna Rain – Baleine 3000 (The Nap, 2016, Vlek)

Baleine 3000 is a trio composed of local producer Lawrence Le Doux, France’s DJ Afrojaws, and Japan’s Illreme. I met and discovered them in Brussels a few months ago while they were preparing their show at Les Atelier Claus, and was blown away by the unexpected genius that is the combination of these three artists.

2. Return To See – Hiele (Hiele, 2013, Ekster)

My dad first introduced me to this EP (and to Ekster in general) a few summers ago. I’ve been a big fan ever since.

3. Kill – Nkisi  (Kill EP, 2017, MW Records)

Apparently Nkisi lived in my hometown Leuven for quite some time. It’s exceptional for our little city to generate artists on this level.

4. Coco Papi – Coco Haram (Contemporary Toyboy, 2016, Unknown References)

100% Belgian treasure composed by electronic duo Jonas De Houwer and Kassett.

5. CMYK – James Blake (CMYK, 2010, R&S Records)

R&S records can’t be missed in any Belgian music list. It was difficult to pick a favourite from their entire discography but I think this one definitely stands a chance.

6. Kid’s A Loner – Cupp Cave (Retina Waves, 2012, Ramp Recordings)

I wanted to pick Ssaliva’s latest release ‘We Never Happened’, but Ekster is already in the list so I chose this one, from his former alias Cupp Cave.

7. Projects – A/T/O/S (A Taste Of Struggle, 2014, Deep Medi)

Dubstep has always had a special place in my heart, so it’s good to have a Belgian duo signed on the legendary label Deep Medi.

8. Namba – Samuelspaniel (Sirocco, 2017, Midlife)

I could have picked any release from Midlife, because they’re really sick but this way I can make some shameless promo for our next event in Recyclart where Samuelspaniel will play as supporting act for Air Max ‘97 ;-).

9. SKY H1 – Huit (Mono No Aware, 2017, Pan)

After releasing on Berlin’s Creamcake and Visionist’s Codes, SKY H1 was part of Pan’s latest compilation ‘Mono no Aware’, next to Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H and many other talented producers.

10. Money Cat – Zora Jones (Feathers, 2013, Pelican Fly)

Pelican Fly’s founder DJ Slow was our first ever guest to play at a Slagwerk party, I’ve rarely met someone as friendly and as passionate as him.