Unpolished, stiff, battered and worn-out, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this month’s showstopper selection was handpicked by a bunch of brutes. A far cry from the smooth and flashy must-haves spread all over the glossies’ gargantuan September issues, we lay our latest cravings bare and rough.

Photography Benoît Banisse, art direction and styling facetofacedesign

1. Table bullies


Think of the final scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and you’ll know exactly what drew us to Jochem De Wit’s tableware range. Indeed, sometimes the most striking objects are also the most inconspicuous ones. And although the jury is still out on whether the young Dutch designer’s crude ceramic jugs, cups, murky shot glasses and chunky concrete bowls will stand the test of time and follow us to immortality, they sure have already earned themselves a prime spot in our kitchen cupboards.

Jochem De Wit Raw tableware series Jug (€150), mug (€ 75), shot glass (€70)

2. Birth of a movement


They don’t come any harder than New York’s hardcore set. An offshoot of Boston’s precursor scene (Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and the likes), the Big Apple’s one was rawer, angrier, with bands such as Madball, Agnostic Front and Cro Mags updating the genre’s sound to fit their particular blend of urban angst. Immortalised through the classic 1995 documentary N.Y.H.C (New York Hardcore), this special edition two-disc set features updated interviews with a lot of the scenes’ key players filmed 10 years later. The passion is still there, although the resolve might have somewhat been damped. A powerful and insightful watch, one likely to get all the nostalgic kids of the 90s sitting on the edge of the couch, ready to hit the mosh pit.

N.Y.H.C (from €12) Available online at amazon.co.uk

3. Brass band


Long time the essential companion of gangsters and street thugs, brass knuckles are now illegal all over the world except for some American states and, bizarrely, France. Fortunately for the ill-intended ‘punch-now-think-later’ type, triple-knuckle busters ain’t. Though these custom made bad boys might not be chunky enough to fracture your opponent’s cheekbones, they sure as hell will leave you with a mean scratch or two. We dare you to mess with us now.

Available in pawnshops across the United States (or on eBay)

4. So you think you’re tough?


When news spread that Olympus came up with a virtually indestructible waterproof, crushproof and shockproof digital camera, it just seemed too suspiciously good to be true. Well set on using and abusing the pocket-sized point-and-shoot, we dropped it, froze it, thawed it, drowned it, sat on it, stampeded it, and even improvised a football game in the backyard with it. This raging session left us exhausted and short-breathed, but – believe it or not – the little bugger still clicks.

Olympus µ Tough 8010 (€399) Available at Fnac, Mediamarkt and Saturn

5. Case control


The problem with the iPad (if there ever was one) is that we find it difficult to picture ourselves tapping away at it whilst waiting for the tram on Place Flagey/Flageyplein in the middle of rush hour. What with the gods of envy (don’t look now, but I think everyone is looking at us) and our conscience playing tricks on us (do we deserve to be seen with such a sleek and sexy device?), it’s safe to say our new plaything hasn’t really ventured out of the office much. In steps the Dodocase, a magnificent example of old media habits serving new media’s frailty. Handmade in San Francisco, the deceiving case’s cover is made of faux leather using traditional book binding techniques whilst its interior is minutely carved out of bamboo to exact proportions. Just like walking around town clenching your favourite book, although this time it’s your entire library you’re carrying with you.

Dodocase (€46) Available online at dodocase.com

6. Threadbare and fabulous


When it comes to tattered chic, no craftsman-ship or superior stylistic skills ever equal the accidental authenticity of actual wear and tear. Those perfectly symmetrical holes in your jeans are not fooling anyone, unless perhaps you’ve spent the past six months walking on your knees? Exceptions, however, do exist – like this inside out knitted wool dress that, frankly, could not have looked better than if that bored cat of yours actually had a go at it.

Maison Martin Margiela 01 wool dress (€390) Rue de Flandre 114 Flanders Straat 1000 Brussels