2011’s critics darlings Suuns landed an impressive debut with ‘Zeroes QC’. Their follow-up effort ‘Image du Futur’ is no less thrilling and might even be an improvement on the first. 


If you’re familiar with Suuns’ first record, the second one doesn’t surprise. Building on their debut success, they’ve not only recreated but refined their somber, hypnotising signature sound, which pleasantly sends one chill after the other down your spine. It could easily be the soundtrack to a horror movie. There are moments when you think of Kraftwerk, Can or Joy Division, or even Clinic (sometimes a bit too much). This is particularly true of frontman Ben Shemie’s vocals – his words are hissed between his teeth more than sung. The 10 skillfully constructed songs, which ignore the rules of catchiness, are full of mechanically pulsating electro beats, frosty synths and urgently strummed guitars, creating an eclectic and experimental soundscape in a rather cold aesthetic that is both unsettling and seductive. “Image Du Futur” makes you feel like the apocalypse is just around the corner. And even though it can kill even the sunniest of moods, it’s sort of worth it.

Image du Futur is out on now on Secretly Canadian