Synths and headphone-wearing rabbits with hip hop parody act KZK

KZK – the hip hop parody act fronted by The Sound of Belgium director Jozef Devillé and his sidekick Pablo Eekman – will be taking to the stage next Thursday at Bozar for the release of our June-July edition. In preparation for what is guaranteed to be an epic concert (the boys do have custom-made protective gear after all), we gave them one of our throwaway cameras to muck about with. Think headphone-wearing rabbits, gear porn and studio sessions. What’s that? Ah yes. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.

Join us on Thursday 16th June at Bozar for a night of locals only concerts (Sale Gosse, It It Anita and KZK) and DJ sets (soFa and Sixsixsixties) to mark the release of our June-July edition