The 10 favourite Belgian releases of Fire is Gold curator Jon Tyler

The first edition of Fire is Gold festival is headed for a strong start this weekend. With names the likes of Wiley, Damso and Hamza gracing the line-up, we deemed it the perfect occasion to ask its artistic director, Bloody Louis’ Jon Tyler, for a selection of his all-time favourite Belgian cuts. Expect tons of rap anthems, and the odd surprise or two.

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1. Damso – Bruxelles Vie

This song will probably be the anthem of the festival. My absolute favourite song, from my favourite artist on the festival line-up.

2. Hooverphonic – Mad about You

A Belgian song I’ve always loved, I remember myself listening to it while I was writing out the concept of Fire is Gold. The intensity keeps me focused and makes me type faster!

3. Hamza – La Sauce

Hamza will be at Fire is Gold to represent the Belgian scene, and this is one of his greatest tracks in my opinion. It’ll be stuck in your head forever. I love it.

4. Roméo Elvis ft Caballero – Bruxelles Arrive

A few months ago, Damso was preparing a big show in my club, Bloody Louis, and he wanted to invite some of the best artists in Brussels. Hamza was one of them, but he also told me about Roméo Elvis. He invited him to perform Bruxelles Arrive just before his show. Honestly, I didn’t know the song (I was the only one who didn’t, actually). Ever since seeing the whole club sing along the lyrics, I’ve been a big fan. His new album is amazing, too. Can’t wait to see his performance at Fire is Gold.

5. Jacques Brel – Bruxelles

I listened to this one with my grandparents. The beginning of the track is always a lot of fun, I was forced to dance, something I hated and loved at the same time. I’m a big fan of Jacques Brel, he’s a real icon.

6. Krisy – Julio

Kendrick Lamar from Brussels. This guy can do literally everything. I gave him a call recently because I needed a track for a Fire is Gold video. I explained the concept to him, and told him that I needed something special. He made the perfect song.

7. Damso – Graine de Sablier

I promise that this is the last time I’ll talk about this guy. In the second verse he talks about the moment he was preparing his show at Bloody Louis. The start of everything. He’s singing Je capte Tyler Jon pour un show au Bloody. Proud

8. Stromae – Quand C’est

No list about Belgian music is complete without Le Maestro. I’ve always been a big fan of his work and artistic direction. This video and this song I find really touching, personally. I hope he’ll be back with a new album, as I’m sure he still has a lot to show us.

9. Stromae – Formidable

I had a hard time choosing between the previous one and this one, so I decided to include them both. A masterpiece. I think I watched the video at least a hundred times.

10. Delta – Le verre de Trop

This is a special one for me. I’ve known these guys since I was a kid, and it makes me really happy to see them still playing together. Here’s their last song. It’s so good, I just had to share it!


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