The 10 favourite Belgian releases of Horst’s Jochem Daelman

With Horst Arts and Music festival kicking off this weekend, we tasked co-curator Jochem Daelman (1989) with picking his favourite Belgian cuts for us. A collaborative effort of sorts, one which saw the Leuven-born and bread music head look to friends for tips, the selection goes funk, house, disco, soul and rave. Belgium, yes.

1. Wizards of Ooze – Trippin’  (1994, Backbone Records)

Only recently discovered this through a friend, love it.

2. All This Time – Lucinda Slim & The Lone Stars (2009, Melting Pot Music)

Great track recommended by Peter-Jan Depreeuw, one of Leuven’s finest and most unknown diggers, who’s better known as PeJe. All This Time is a Belgian band with members Frederik Vandenberghe (drums & percussion), Matthias Debusschere (bass) Peter Lesage (piano) & Bruno De Groote (guitar). Produced by Keb Darge & Krewcial with Zap Mama on vocals.

3. Two Man Sound – Que Tal America (1981, JDC Records)

Timeless disco classic from the 70s. Belgium, yes!

4. San Soda -20061019 (2009, We Play House Recordings)

San Soda’s first track still is one of his best to date. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that he’s Belgium’s best house DJ. Period.

5. Telex – Rendez Vous Dans L’espace (1989, Magnetic Records)

Exalt, the infamous brothers from Leuven are the nicest guys on the planet. They’re splendid diggers and they know how to play their records. Always on a trip from Apero to space. Telex.

6. Webb-Men – Twilight Ritual (1982)

A haunting minimal electro track taken from the album The Ritual (1982) that only came out on cassette back then. The second pick from Exalt, proving their space mission.

7. Kiosk – Mona Call (7″ single, Disques Vogue)

It’s hard to pick a Marc Moulin favourite so I decided to choose a rare one. Mona Call is an obscure single probably made during the Placebo years. Thanks to PeJe for the tip.

8. Up High Collective – Blend  (2010, On-Point Records)

Up High Collective with Delv!s, a great track and back then a great introduction to what eventually became Tangram Records.

9. Chakachas – Stories (1972, Avco Records)

Simply too good.

10. Camargue – CJ Bolland (1992, R&S Records)

Rave nostalgia from Belgian powerhouse R&S Records. Thanks to mixmaster Illament for the tip.