The 14 favourite Belgian releases of Ewald Dupan (Captain Starlight)

A second compelling and surprising selection by Brussels-based digger and DJ Ewald Dupan (part one over here), just in time for the closing edition of our Favourite Belgian releases listening sessions this Thursday, with Lawrence Le Doux, Tommy Denys and DJ SoFa sharing their selections of homegrown cuts, followed by back-to-back DJ sets in The Hope’s now notorious basement  – come along ;-).

1. Jean Hoyoux – Chronos (Hymne, 1985 / CRETS)

Top shelf ambient from a Belgian psychologist, astrologer and musician. Self-released two records through his CRETS-label, this is from the second one. From 1985, the best year ever. Hoyoux apparently died one year later. 

2. The Lost Jockey – Matters of theory (The Lost Jockey, 1982 / Les Disques du Crépuscule)

Modern classical record from an English band on Les Disques du Crépuscule. The whole LP is great, and it has really good cover artwork too: it’s almost a perfect visualisation of their sound. From 1982.

3. Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz – Jum jum (Desert Equations: Azax Attra, 1986 / Crammed)

Sussan Deihim was an Iranian singer from an aristocratic family and Richard Horowitz was an American movie composer. They made this record for Crammed, the label of Marc Hollander. It’s a pretty full-on mix of experimental electronics and weird vocals. Came out in 1986, still so fresh. 

4. Tuxedomoon – In a manner of speaking (Holy Wars, 1985 / Cramboy)

Continuing the foreigners-on-Belgian-labels theme with a superbly deep ballad by San Francisco natives Tuxedomoon. They moved to Brussels in the early eighties and resided here for a long time. This is from 1985 again, on Cramboy, a Crammed-sublabel with strictly Tuxedomoon records. 

5. Joël Vandroogenbroeck – Plaine du Jura (Images of flute in nature, 1978 / Cenacolo)

Joël Vandroogenbroeck is a composer, arranger, keyboardist, flutist, sitarist, vocalist, harpist, percussionist, producer, engineer and conductor who was born in Brussels. He’s mostly famous for his band Brainticket, but VDB lived all over Europe and made loads of interesting LPs with early electronics and new age. This is one of them, an Italian concept album about a hobbit-like fairy world, on which he’s drawing sceneries with his music. ‘Plaine du Jura’ is about a meadow in the alps, with cows and sheep – needless to say it has bells. From 1978.

6. Patrick Conrad – Gelukkig in het bijzijn van een vrouw (excerpt)

Flemish spoken word mixed with psyche, by poet Patrick Conrad. He recorded the LP with Roland van Campenhout and two session musicians in 1973. It was pressed on 300 copies of which most got lost, but K-RAA-K was so kind to reissue it a couple of years ago (including cover and a funnily named insert book). This is an excerpt they used for promo on their Soundcloud. Didn’t get around ripping a track from start to finish myself, sorrrrry!

7. Swamp Children – You’ve got me beat (Taste Whats Rhythm, 1982 / Factory Benelux)

Manchester based band with members of A Certain Ratio, but this 12″ came out on Factory Benelux in 1982, so it suits the list. Beautiful video, recorded at The Hacienda in 1983. Makes nowadays club culture look like a joke. 

8. Marine – A propositio dei napoli (Rive Gauche, 1982 / Section Française)

Instrumental track from the B-side of the Rive Gauche 12″, released on the Section Française sublabel of Crépuscule in 1982. Marine was a new wave band based in Belgium, with a line up swirling around singer Marc Marine, who left in 1982. Some other members did the same, then new people joined the band, who then changed names and became very successful as Allez Allez. 

9. Alain Neffe (An Introduction into the Insane World of Alain Neffe, 2016 /

Shameless promo for the second release on STROOM 〰, compiled by Nosedrip (about the best quality control you can get). Alain Neffe was the epicenter of everything that had anything to do with minimal synth during the eighties, and this compilation is a very equilibrated cross section of his collected works.

10. Nadjma – Taal (come) (Rapture in Baghdad, 1984 / Crammed)

Interesting EP from a mix of Belgians and foreigners on Crammed, recorded in Switzerland. Pretty danceable track featuring sultry arab vocals. Nice to know: the whole B-side is remixed by On-U’s Adrian Sherwood. From 1984.

11. Logo – Businessmen (Businessmen, 1988 / USA Import music)

First of two records I heard someone play out, me subsequently freaking out and going online to look up the info, then seeing the cover and realising I actually have a copy already. Thanks to Sixsixsixties for this one. “Monday morning, and I buy and I sell.” New beat classic for all your mixtapes. 

12. Luc Van Acker – The fear in my heart (The Fear in my Heart, 1983 / EMI Belgium)

Same story for this one, only this time around it was Nosedrip playing it. 

13. Michael Van Den Abeele – Beach fatigue (Beach Fatigue, 2012)

Killer cut on a 7″ by Brussels based artist Michael Van Den Abeele. It was released for an exposition on record covers in Mu.Zee in Ostend. Apparently made in GarageBand. From 2012.

14. Zazou Bikaye – Soki akei (Mr. Manager, 1985 / Crammed)

Another one from Crammed, another one from 1985. Zazou Bikaye’s masterpiece ‘Noir et blanc’ was featured in my previous list, but this is a beauty from the Mr. Manager EP. Readily available for no money in most record stores in Brussels.