The 14 favourite Belgian releases of Roman Hiele and Lieven Martens Moana

Field recordings and drum machines collide in Roman Hiele and Lieven Martens Moana’s recent and highly anticipated collaboration, set to perform at this year’s Kraak festival. In preparation for the weekend-long shindig in Brussels’ Beursschouwburg, the duo selects 14 Belgian tracks that go from pre-teen crushes and local birds to football anthems and cool pianists.

1. Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys “Untitled 2″

Jos and Harald always hit the nail on the head. 

2. Floris De Rycker plays John Dowland – “Sir John Langton’s Pavan (1st movement)”

Belgium’s favourite lute player.

3. Karel Goeyvaerts “Litanie 5 (for harpsichord and tape)1982”

Essential material for all the music lovers out there!

4. Beerschot Song

“Effe tege de schene schoppe.”

5. Eric Vann “Space Face” 

Alias Joel Vandroogenbroeck. He made about 400 songs while tripping out in the unfriendly Swiss Alps. “faut le faire”

6. Dominique Cornil plays “Scarlatti, Sonate L 286”

A nice Scarlatti performance by the cool pianist Dominique Cornil. 

7. “De Distelvink (The Gold Finch)”

A local bird. 

8. “Tsunami”

I guess these idiots are not Belgian, but this is the pre-game tune from the homegames at Club Brugge, when the players are entering the Theatre Of Dreams. 

9. Johannes Ockeghem “Deo Gratias”

Our best song ever written, here performed by the Huelgas Ensemble. 

10. Jacques Bekaert “Summer Day At Stony Point”

From an album that is by far my favourite ever. infuriating simple sounding and direct. A masterpiece. 

11. Henri Pousseur “Jeu De Miroirs De Votre Faust”

The one and only. Including the great alto Cathy Berberian. 

12. Jean-Luc Fafchamps plays Giacinto Scelci “Aitsi” 

Performed in Boon. Piano music of the highest standards.  

13. Won Ton Ton “I lie And I Cheat” 

Pre-teen crush ! 

14. Juul Kabas “Van Retie Zennik”

A “celebration” of conservatism. comes with a video clip full of “great” images from all Retie’s touristic highlights… the singer (used to?) run a bar on the market square where numerous of my friends (and their dads) have been kicked out during “wild” saturday nights. 

Roman Hiele
Lieven Martens