The 14 favourite Belgian releases of Slice of Pie’s Maxim de Buyl

In Slice of Pie, Maxim de Buyl (1990) has created a subversive, anti-establishment promoter of mostly hip hop concerts whose aim is to bring talent to the stage in a somewhat different manner. Like that time he hosted STR and a few other local rappers in a strip joint, for example. Here, he picks a 14-track-strong pitch-perfect selection of Belgian favourites that reveal an acute understanding of the more fringe elements of the local underground scene.

1.LaTchak Feat. Sunzoo Manley – If This Is Love… (Maxi CD – Ultimate Groove Records – 1999)

Richard23 is a childhood friend’s father. I remember when he showed us a picture of himself cut in half for a video shoot, something that really impressed me as a kid. Later, he gave me this maxi he recorded under the alias LaTchak back in 1999, as a side project to Front 242 with Jean Pierre Everaets and Sunzoo Manley (also known as Ozark Henry). I realised only today that there’s a video to that song. Thank you!

2. NepalHaze – Espèce Chaine-Gang (Black Weed Feat. Joe Lucazz) (Les Griffes de La Weed – Cesarienne Rekordz – 2011)

I had to upload this fire on youtube a few years ago because this can’t stay off your radar. Nepalhaze is Emos & Blackweed. The whole project is great and deserves everyone’s attention. Big s/o to Joe Lucazzi. I see you.

3. Julos Beaucarne – Le Cheval de Corbillard (Composed & Arranged by Marc Moulin) (Front De Libération Des Arbres Fruitiers – RCA Victor – 1974)

This one time when Julos Beaucarne asked Marc Moulin to produce “the musical atmosphere” for a few tracks. This song has no lyrics though. These two gentlemen are a real influence to me, I had the chance to meet Julos in his house in Tourinnes-La-Grosse for a school project back in 2008. With enough determination you might find it somewhere on the internet.

4. Bun Hunga & His Combo – Bangala (Bud Hunga And His Diplomatic Music – Hebra Records – 1973)

Pretty weird story behind this song. It was featured on a Dusty Fingers compilation under a completely fake name (Golden Music Orchestra – African Honeymoon) and got sampled by many: Roc Marciano, ASM & Skrein, Tame One, Sonnyjim (actually, he basically just rapped over the original track).
Behind this weird band name hides Roland Thyssen, a Belgian composer who worked with Will Tura and Soeur Sourire amongst others.

5. AUTUMN (Noza & Veence Hanao) – Scarabee (Feat. Témé Tan) (Autumn Vol. 2 – Self Released – 2007)

Probably the best french speaking rap group ever. Period. Get your rap history straight.

6. Turtle Master presents Tonino – Comité Restreint (Séléction Naturelle – Self released (Crab Boogie Records ancestors) – 2012)

This song woke something up in my mind. A real hymn if you ask me! S/o to Tonino & Turtle Master, Namur’s finest, at their best.

7. Arno – Les Yeux de Ma Mère (Piano Version/Live) (Le Best Of… Arno – Arnos Music / Delabel Editions – 1995)

I shed a tear every time I hear this song. Especially this very version. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this man’s music. Very emotional composition by Piet Jorens (from Charles et Les Lulus).

8. RUM – Ik Hou Van Alle Vrouwen… (Rum 2 – Philips – 1974)

Very interesting music by this old Flemish band. Thanks Dad.
It sounds like a middle-aged Argentinian folk band, mixed with a pinch of Belgian dialects from Ghent and Hoeilaart while singing on 3 voice levels on some tracks. (I like the lyrics because they’re very true, it was written by a dutch poet/singer in 1904)

9. Zap Mama – Mr. Brown (Sabsylma – Cramworld (Crammed Discs) – 1994)

I grew up listening to this album, I didn’t know which song to choose so I took the best quality upload on Youtube. This track features the beautiful Sally Nyolo. I think I was secretly in love with those women on the cover.

10. Arthur Tixhon – Fantasy Girl (??? – Cosmic Pop Records – 2016)

Exclusive track alert ;-)
Much strength to my bro Arthur Tixhon who left to Goma for six months to work on the Amani Festival that’s happening in February 2017. His music is really special, it sounds like something you’ve been waiting for but didn’t know about it until you hear it. Here is an exclusive track that will be on his upcoming album on Cosmic Pop Records, s/o to his blood brother Diego aka Solo700, keep being you bro.

11. Quark – Auréole (Trust In Time – 2013 –

Really cool band from Brussels. I randomly stumbled upon their album and really loved it. Brass & drums with electronic touches, you can even hear dubstep or drum’n’bass on some tracks. Adrien Lambinet plays the trombone while Alain Deval is playing the drums and they both use electronic sounds as well.

12. Les Petites Frappes – Kombat Blues (En Concert – Self Released (Zig Zag) – Exact date unknown (199?))

My drum teacher, Jean Hugues André, formed this band with his friends, among them is the current Couleur Café boss Patrick Wallens and Bob Dartsch (May his soul rest in peace). Mostly drums and jokes. Not a lot of lyrics, but this live album is a great moment. Even better if you have seen it live.

13. Starflam – L’amour Suze (Feat. Arno) (Survivant – EMI – 2001)

“Survivant”, from “Les Malfrats Inversés”, must be the rap album I listened the most in the shortest timespan. I went to see them when I was 11 years p;d at Couleur Café and I got a signature from Akro (s/o to him, he’s preparing serious stuff for the future) & Baloji on a shirt that I still wear today. I was so excited to see them. I could have chosen any track from the album but I chose the one with Arno because I love this guy as well. Also, be on the lookout of Akro’s current projects, as it might do you good.

14. Mocambo – Mexe Tudo (Aruanda – Self released – 2015)

Head over to their Bandcamp page to hear their album “Aruanda”.  Le Tagarel formed this band with Tartaruga aka Tim and many musicians from different bands : Pablo Casella, Témé Tan, Stephen Scharmin, Jan Sebastiaan Degeyter & Matthias Lemmens. It features my long time friend Thiago on one track. (Watch him if you can find him…)
Here is a live version of the track “Mexe Tudo”. I love this song because it’s about cooking and it sounds like they’re singing “Meex est tout doux”. Which is true.