The 16 favourite Belgian releases of Ben and Bert Verstreken

Brothers, DJs, radio hosts at Mind Warp on Leuven’s Radio Scorpio and notorious diggers Ben and Bert Verstreken share a selection of their favourite homegrown tracks that tilt heavily towards the electronic. True to our country’s clubbing DNA, the list nods towards Belgium’s legendary new beat scene as well as its contemporary counterparts. And finishing off with Evil Superstar’s iconic ‘Satan is in my ass’, you know you’re in for one hell of a ride.

1. Disco Computer – Transvolta [Disco Computer, 1978, RKM]

One of Dan ‘Telex’ Lacksman’s many solo projects.

2. Autopower – Chrome Brulée [Chrome Brulée, 2015, Kasset Records]

Library icon Alan Hawkshaw covered by Crome Brulée. Impressive when listened to on vinyl, but even more breathtaking when seen live. Don’t forget to check side-project Meteor Musik.

3. RMC1976 (Hiele Remix) – Walrus [Club Jonathan EP, 2015 Roze Balletten]

We can’t make a list like this without including Hiele. In this one he puts his hand on a Walrus track.

4. That’s The Game – Wet [That’s The Game, 1983, S.T.D. Records]

Belgian synth-pop with a bassline that got sampled by Moodymann in Dem Young Sconies.

5. Aquarius – Die Verboten [2007, 2015, Deewee]

Die Verboten = Riton together with Soulwax’ David and Stephen Dewaele.

6. Soft Ball – Callboys Orchestra [Callboys OST, 2015, N.E.W.S.]

Callboys’ soundtrack consists of 70s Belgian grooves, with the additional tracks of the series being more electronic, darker, and ridden with an 80s vibe.

7. Just A Yoyo (played at 33 rpm +8) – Eighty One [Twist Eighty-One, 1981, Hot Shot]

Found this record on a flea market. Only the B-side is worth listening to (on the wrong speed setting).

8. New Creation – The Boccaccio’s & Mr. X [New Creation, Continental]

The artist’s name is a direct reference to the genre: new beat.

9. Allure – Innershades [Love Park, 2014, Pinkman]

While Innershades is mostly known for his merciless house albums, but his electro tracks are at least as good.

10. Black Lights – Mario Mathy [Hello…This Is…Mario Mathy !!!, 1987, Limbo Records]

Panpipes from a synthesiser, supplemented with vocoders. Browsing through Mario Mathy’s oeuvre is best done at your own risk, though.

11. Dance To The Beat – Starflight [Dancer, 1984, BMC Records]

Dark synth-pop with an italo-disco feel.

12. I’ve Got Love Inside (Instrumental) – Guy David [I’ve Got Love Inside, 1982, Monopole]

This nice disco record is just one of the interesting releases on Monopole. Seek and you’ll find.

13. Off The Wall – MTMU [Some Edits To Take You Up, 2016, MTMU]

Our favourite Belgian DJ is, hands down, San Soda, digger par excellence. Here’s an edit of a cover of Malaysian band Carefree.

14. The Rythm Of The Music – The Twilight Twins [The Rythm Of The Music, Barclay]

Ideal for summery daytime DJ sets.

15. Kazino – Binary  [Around my Dream, 1985, Carrere]

A classic that’s always in our bag. Only recently discovered that it’s actually Belgian.

16. Satan Is In My Ass – Evil Superstars [Satan Is In My Ass, 1996, Paradox Records]

Belpop classic courtesy of Evil Superstars, Mauro Pawlowski’s band. Playground connoisseurs will notice that the clip was, for the most part, filmed in Bokrijk.