The 15 favourite Belgian releases of Brice Deloose (BEM)

This weekend, the first edition of the Brussels Electronic Marathon will have the city’s beat pulsating to electronic rhythms. Through an ambitious line-up set to take revellers from MIMA to Place Flagey, the local scenes’ movers and shakers will all form like voltron in a bid to show its worth. To mark the occasion, we’ve tasked co-founder Bruce Deloose to reveal his favourite Belgian releases, a selection which unsurprisingly tilts firmly to the dancefloor.

1.  Flying Rupees – Squeaky Lobster (Will-O’-The-Wisp EP – 2011 Vlek)

I met Laurent while studying acousmatic music. For me, his music has always been, and still is, a source of inspiration and motivation. His way to work sound and textures to bend reality into his own world is impressive. This track is a real piece of art, the quintessence of storytelling.

2. Vertiginous Hole – Enkephalin (Haunted Tales – 2014 Sons Of Beat)

Where phatness meets mangled beats. Enkephalin always stands out. This track is dirty as fuck and I love it. The video clip is also just incredible and gives the whole thing a vertiginous feel. All home-made and produced in Brussels. This hyperkinetic dude surely knows what to do with all this energy… Catch him as soon as you can!

3. Liquid Sun – R.O (Liquid Sun EP – 2014)

I’ve respected R.O as a friend and as an artist for quite some time now. He’s for sure one of the rising stars of the local “beat scene”. This track is a demonstration of mastery in blending soulful vibes with groovy beats filled with tiny details, little crackles and lovely noises.

4. Tezeta – Ozferti (Addis Aboumbap – 2016)

Florian’s smile is not only on his face when he plays but all around in his music. I love how he made all those afro sounds groove together, bounce, drop… All packed with sunny vibes. I simply can’t stop noddin’ da head while listening to this choon! A real beat making musician.

5. Spree Berlin Live Impro – Sonøren (2015)

This is something a bit different. I wanted to present Andri’s work. He’s been developing his style within live electronic music. He produces, he doesn’t play. This guy works without a safety-line and just creates music in front of you with sounds gathered from his surroundings. By the way he’s been my right & left hand during the whole Brussels Electronic Marathon organisation. Interesting character. You never know what he’s going to play. I don’t think he knows either.

6. Crimson – Russel Clay (May 24 EP – 2015 Mangoest Records)

This track means something special to me as Maxime joined FTRSND early on after its founding. This EP is his first physical release, for which I was honoured to do the mastering. I’m already nostalgic for this period, and the tracks drive that introspective feeling, which also quite representative of him as an artist.

7. Philip Catherine – L’ Eternel Desir  (The String Project 2015 Act)

I couldn’t talk about Belgian releases without mentioning Philip Catherine. This Jazz guitarist played with the biggest ones out there. This beautiful piece blends delicate guitar with more classical instrumentation. This is in fact a nice summary of my musical education at home. My mother listened to classical music and opera while dad was putting on some John Coltrane or Stephan Grapelli.

8. JarnicotonPalsembleu (Palsembleu EP – 2015 Boya Entertainement)

This duo is amazing! They are modular synth gurus, they have been making music for years producing crazy things under diverse monikers from dark techno to really experimental things. This track is so relaxing and puts you a in an über-chilled mood. Whatever happens, I can forget about everything while listening to this tune.

9. Silky Snake Blues – Antilux (2013 Boya Entertainement)

By now you might have noticed that I like blends, and not only when it comes to whisky.
This laid back track instantly transports me to a dark little bar, filled with smoke. I order a Chivas. I would like to tell you more about the artists but I know they would rather keep an air of secrecy around themselves…

10. Pyton – Miloyko (Nor001 – 2015 Norite)

This track is also quite special. I discovered Sebastian (and his dog Pollux) not too long ago. We hit it off straight away, and this was the beginning of a new project : “Epitome”! This tune demonstrates his hypnotic, metallic, obsessive universe. For the ones who know about our Initiate parties, this is reflects pretty well the mood. Check out the other releases on the label he co-founded, Norite, it’s well worth it.

11. House Of House – Cherry Moon Trax (House Of House EP – 1994 Bonzaï Records)

This is the first record I bought. I’ve played it so many times, to the point the record was completely worn out and unplayable. This is just a classic that made millions of people dance. Respect to the elders!

12. Dust – Polefolder & CP (Dust EP – 2002 Bedrock)

When I mentioned the first record bought, it was actually in Cedric’s shop. With his friend Pole Folder they produced a real piece of beauty that came out on the legendary progressive label “Bedrock”. As I bought nearly all of Bedrock’s releases at the time, you can imagine how proud I was of my local record seller. These are the sounds I first started to play.

13. Disillusion – Icon Template (Fragments EP – 2015 An der Grenze)

I touched upon the Initiate parties earlier, this track sums up the spirit of the party at its darkest and most introspective. Colin’s music is always filled with deep energies coming from mother earth. In this record you can feel the magma, the ground growling. Forget about time, it doesn’t matter anymore.

14. Kreng – Kolossus (Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu EP – 2009 Miasmah Recordings)

I discovered Kreng thanks to one of my flatmates. It could be the soundtrack to a Hitchcock movie. I love the weirdness of the track. Experimental yet melodic, cinematic and hypnotic.

15. Drie – Klanken (DRIE / TWEE Ep – 2015 Deewee)

How to release a mind-fucking track that sounds like an UFO from the 80’s… Admit that you like it dirty, crank up the volume and dance like a dismantled robot!