The 15 best party tracks by Fuse founder Peter Decuypere’s

As the founding father of legendary Brussels club Fuse and the creative mind behind I Love Techno, the electronic music festival in Ghent which brings together about 40,000 techno heads each year, Peter Decuypere is a pioneer when it comes to electronic parties and a true veteran of the Belgian club scene. We asked him to select a couple of party tracks for us, in line with the current edition’s theme. Don’t expect a techno-exclusive playlist though. Instead, as Peter himself puts it, the selection is made up of ‘Just good music to dance to…’

Daft Punk: Da Funk – Soma Quality Recordings (1995)

Daft Punk first played Fuse in 1995. They were unknown and they played this track, Da Funk. The Fuse went crazy, and I booked them for I love Techno in 1995. Mind- blowing performance and the rest is history.

Moloko: Statues – Echo (2003)

Moloko and Roisin Murphy. We played Moloko in the Fill Collins Club in Antwerp; over and over again without ever getting tired of her voice and sound.

Grace Jones: Slave to the Rhythm – Island, Manhattan

The übermusicqueen. Makes every dance-floor turn into a sexy groovy place… Even after all these years. A classic.

Joan as police Woman: The Deep Field – Reveal Records (2011)

This is warm sexy music by a fantastic performer. I saw her doing the opener for a Lou Reed show in Brussels. A singer and a guitar! Great!

Gorillaz : On Melancholy Hill – Parlophone (2010)

This track makes me smile and makes me feel pink all the way! I saw them live in Antwerp and they were just mind-blowing. Everything Damon Albarn does (Blur, Gorillaz…) is musical gold.

The Cure: Boys Don’t Cry – Fiction Records (1979)

In Club 55 I did a “New Wave” night called “On the Beach”. After all those years this track by The Cure is still standing. Simple but effective. Almost makes me cry.

Herb Alpert: Rotation – A&M Records (1979)

Classic track from 1979! Still makes me happy to listen to it. For me he is “The man with the red face” from the 70s.

James Blake: Postpone – RandS Records (2011)

The first time I heard James Blake, it made me very happy because he proved that music can reinvent itself over and over again. The track Postpone has a break around 1:50 that is phenomenal! Just a mind-blowing track… It’s also nice that it came out on R&S- records, the legendary Belgian label. Can you dance to this? In your mind you can!

New Order: Blue Monday – Factory (1983)

This is the best-selling 12″ ever, and when it came out it hit the dancefloors to never leave them again. New Order was the band that developed out of Joy Division after the suicide of Ian Curtis. They were so far ahead of their time in 1983 and have my greatest respect. I even went to the club Hacienda in Manchester just because New Order owned the club. I remember standing at about five meters from Bernard Sumner, the lead singer, and I felt extremely nervous. I was a real fan!

Phon.o: Slavemode – 50 Weapons (2012)

Phon.o is one of the most interesting artists on this planet. A German guy who produces amazing tracks combining trance, dubstep beats and techno. If I would start a club, it would be with his music..

Suicide: Ghostrider – Red Star Records (1977)

I remember hearing this for the first time some time in 1977. Punk was just in its begin- nings and these New York guys released the first ‘electronic punk’ record. In my opinion this is the first techno record ever made. I saw Suicide live in a club in Brussels, “Disque Rouge”, in the 80s. “Disque Rouge” later turned into my club “Fuse”.

Derrick May : Strings of Life – Transmat (1987)

From 1987 to 1992 I had my first club, Club 55 (near Kortrijk), and I remember the DJ playing this song for the first time. This was exactly 25 years ago. When I was at Tomorrowland in August this year there was a DJ on the main stage playing this track. Just brilliant and timeless.

Carl Craig: The Boy’s Doin’ It – Verve Records (2005)

Carl Craig is a techno god! From Detroit with love.

Laurent Garnier: Acid Eiffel – Fragile (1993)

One of the best techno tracks ever. I remember Garnier playing this live in the Fuse around 1994. Shivering music that still gives me goose bumps and gets me dancing.

Noir Désir: Le vent nous portera

Barclay (2001) Probably the best song ever written… No further comment needed.