Bo Ningen’s intense, noise-driven heavy psychedelic concerts – which never fail to climax into their now customary incendiary finales – have earned them the rightful title of being one of the best live acts around. And although the Japanese four-piece has been relentlessly raising hell in countless pubs and venues of the London’s indie scene for the past four years, they’ve only just started touring outside the UK in recent months. After a two-month tour of their homeland, a couple of dates in Spain opening for Lydia Lunch and a stint in Paris, they paid their first visit to Belgium this past Sunday, playing in Brussels’ Magasin 4. We caught up with the band for a chat and were handed a disposable camera packed with photos documenting their life on the road, featuring sunny pit stops, beaten down instruments, our favourite brand of Belgian beer, a bit of flesh, an Orange amp on a shopping trolley and – naturally – a whole lot of hair.

Photography Bo Ningen