When we met Jimmy Edgar at Dour festival, he was holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand and his buddy Otto von Shirach with the other. We asked him to let go of Otto and take our disposable camera instead. Which he did. The first single of Jimmy’s new album ‘XXX’ is called Hot Raw Sex and by the looks of the pics he shot for us, the man is for real.

Photography and captions Jimmy Edgar


“Should I put on some lipstick before we do this?”

“Stay like this while I show you my ‘intensions'”

“Re: ‘look what I did to you’, perfection too bad it’s not permanent”

“Despite falling out of bed head wounds, cigarette burns and chest xrays we are actually quite normal bloodsuckers”

“When the flash is too bright black nails licking bleeding lips”

“Re: ‘can I wear your shirt?’ yes, can I wear your everything?”

“Don’t scare me like that, xoxo”

“From this angle is how I will steal your heart”

“And this is how I will steal yours”

“I have a cardboard play house in Berlin, and this weekend I don’t give a fuck about being in complete disarray”