“200,000 years ago the first humans began to roam the plains of Africa, some 100,000 years later they began to spread throughout the rest of the world. As they adapted to the new lands they encountered, the music and culture they spread adapted with them, echoing the harmony of the natural landscape. This mix is a testament to that ancient, endless journey.” Whoa. A bold statement from Berlin-based DJ Peter Power, who’s graced the decks at renowned clubs from Wilde Renate and Prince Charles to Farbfernseher. He’s bringing our Berlin mix series to an end with a mélange of world music, folk and exotica. Either get listening right here, or wait to hear to it tonight at The Word’s German launch at Motto Berlin. See you later party people…

When and where did you record the mix?

I began working on it last week at the studio in Neukölln, mixing first the tracks that I had on vinyl,  then completing the mix on the computer whilst travelling home to visit my parents in Ireland.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track?

I was experimenting with using the rise and fall of my breath as the foundation of the song, layering my voice, and the sub-bass afterwards to emphasise the drone. It’s inspired by the underlying rhythmic pulses of nature which, through the advent of technology, we’ve slowly lost our primal connection with. I also used a jungle soundscape I’ve been working on which is layered under the entire mix. Both pieces will feature as part of an ongoing multi-media project called Ufordia.

What’s your favourite track on it?

Playing favourites is always difficult, however I feel The Hurrian Hymn exemplifies the spirit of the mix beautifully. It’s dated to 1225 BC and is one of the oldest surviving substantially complete works of notated music in the world. Even though the piece in the mix is only a modern interpretation, it’s essence is mystifying.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

A release party for the second release of our label; Kleine Reise Records, some focused studio time and for sure plenty of leisurely afternoons spent boating on the Maybachufer canal.

peter power word-world

1. Dariush – Cheshme man (Persia/Iran)

2. Artur Nunes – Tia (Angola)

3. Enfance et musique – Ani Kouni (Native America)

4. Anon. (c. 1225 BC) – Hurrian Hymn 2 (Hurrian/Mesopotamia)

5. Khmer Mahori – Phoumea Tak Lolok (Khmer/Cambodia)

6. Djeli Moussa Diawara – Haidara (Guinea)

7. Bonga – Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Angola)

8.  Eden Ahbez – Myna Bird (USA)

9. Les Baxter – Taboo (USA/Caribbean)

10. The Hobbit Soundtrack – Misty Mountains (New Zealand)

11. Djivan Gasparyan – Evening Hour (Armenia)

12. Hassan Hakmoun & Adam Rudolph – Sabu Tau Rijal (Morocco)

13. Baraka Soundtrack – Village Dance (Various)

14. Aksak Maboul – I Viaggi Formano La Gioventu [Truc Turc] (Belgium)

15. Tru West – The DOWC [DJ Sotofett’s Dype Skoger MIx Part 1 &2] (Marmo)

16. Benchenet Houari – Malika (Algeria)

17. Derdiyoklar – Yaz Gazeteci [Baris K Edit] (Turkey)

18. Barış Manço – Cacik (Turkey)

19. Harry Gregson-Williams – Narnia Lullaby (England)

20. Kitka – Sirens (Slavik)

21. Stelvio Cipriani – La Polizia Sta A Guardare (Italy)

22. Ebo Taylor – Nga Nga (Ghana)

23. Puebla, Martinez, Sosa, Sun Sun Damba E (Cuba)

24. Caetano Veloso – Un Canto de Afoxe Para O Bloco Do Ile (Brazil)

25. Yamasuki – Okawa (Japan)

26. Peter Power – Call of the Ancient (Ufordia)