Godfather legend Abe Vigoda has made his comeback in the shape of four young boys with a lot of energy! The LA-based group has stepped out of the Smell-shadows and is currently touring around Europe to promote their fourth album Crush, released in 2010 on Bella Union. Their music speaks to the young and the restless. Up-tempo drums, shimmering guitars and beautiful lyrics about anything that used to matter. We had the chance to chat during dinner. The boys where kind enough to “do their homework” in between two bites and before an amazing concert in the beautiful Scheld’apen venue.

© Yana Foqué

Names: Michael Vidal, Dane Chadwick, Juan Velasquez, David Reichardt.

What’s your favourite city to play in?

DR: Los Angeles. There’s always so many great friends at our LA area shows, for me, that makes it a lot more fun then playing for a bunch of strangers.

Last time you played in Antwerp you where the opening act for No Age. How do you look back on that first contact with the city?

JV: I remember people where very quiet; it was hard to tell if people enjoyed it. BUT I realised that they where just being SUPER-POLITE. I hope people are rude at this show!!!

Your third album Crush was released in 2010 on Bella Union… Could you draw what the album means to you? Where it came from? Inspirations?

MV: (see extra picture)

Where do you recommend people to listen to the album?

DC: In your bed.

Simon Raymonde and Robin Guthrie are known for their extreme generosity and artistic freedom towards the bands they work with – was this one of the reasons to sign to this label? How do we find traces of that in Crush?

MV: They have never said “NO” to us. I like the label; they showed the most interest and offered the most support, from the very beginning. They took a risk and financed the album, which goes to show how generous they are.

In between Skeleton and Crush there’s a gap of almost two years. During this period, did you experience any musical growing pains?

JV: I think Dane joining the band made us rethink how we wanted to make music. His influence is much more then just the drums, he gave us the confidence to experiment and use electronics and other genres of music.

The song Throwing Shade starts of with a serious beat, after which keyboards and other noise join the party… All in all it sounds very different from your other work… The song – with a lot of tropical 80s vibes to it – is almost a breakpoint in the album. Is this the direction Abe Vigoda is heading towards on the next album?

JV: Definitely! We have written one new song and I think it has the simplicity of throwing shades. We are very interested in writing more impactful simple songs that have a bit more “pop” sound/feel. But, who knows? We havent written it yet.

Where do you see yourselves in:

a minute: DC: finishing dinner

a day: DC: Paris!

a week: DC: sleeping.

a month: DC: working on music/life.

a year: DC: working at a grocery store.

a decade: DC: manager!