Love or loathe

Ariel Pink

’s unique brand of psychedelic lo-fi pop, the LA-based artist has taken the world by storm with his single

Round and Round

. Hailed as the breakthrough artist of 2010, we caught up with him last time he was in Belgium. This is the first of a series of no-fuss interviews of up and coming bands and the intriguing  characters behind them, courtesy of


, a young Antwerp-based writer/photographer.

ariel pink02
Name: Ariel Pink Rosenberg

What’s your current state of mind?


Tape or vinyl?


Which life-altering experience had a major influence on you?

My friend went crazy. My sister got in a car accident in 2005. Too many to mention.

What has actually changed for you since you got signed on 4AD? How was this release different from all the others?

It was different in every way. Not so much because of the label.

arielpink interview

Interview and photography by Yana Foqué

ariel pink

With thanks to Michael Michaels (meneertje plezier, pleasure, no-way josé)

The last time you played in Belgium (Alost/Aalst) you where a bit ill and your voice sounded really raw. For many of us it was the show of the year though! How did you experience this on your end?

We loved this show! Borbetomagus (the other band with old farts) were very funny. But I was so sick…

Where did you play your first show?

In The Smell – LA, North Hollywood. (NOT downtown where it is today!). It was 1997.

What can – in your opinion – never go out of style?

The past!

What’s your favourite song to hear on the radio?

“Touch of Grey” by the Grateful Dead.

What’s your favourite kind of noise?

Good noise.