Three emerging singer-songwriters: Lorine Chia, Fryars, and Photay

Lorine Chia

Lorine Chia is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter aiming for the stars. Born in Cameroon, she moved to the US at the tender age of six and in the nineteen years she subsequently spent in the new world, never lost her early love for music. “I make music for music” she says on the intro of her self-titled debut mixtape, right before she dives into a hot bath of classic R&B. Inspired by the likes of Aaliyah and Estelle, Chia takes the essence of R&B and while she doesn’t really push any boundaries, focusses on the most important aspect it: rhythm and blues. Complex are reminded of Amy Winehouse‘s grainy voice, and we tend to agree. We’re looking forward to seeing where it will all end up, and we’re even kind of hoping the CD gets stuck in our stereo so we have an excuse to listen to it all day long.


Some of you may have already heard of Fryars, the one-man-band who released the massively underrated record Dark Young Hearts back in 2009. Like we said: massively underrated. The boy is back with a slightly redefined sound and some more experience under his electro belt (writing and producing songs for Mika with Pharell count as ‘experience’ in our book) and we’re hoping he gets the attention he deserves this time around. A truly gifted singer-songwriter with a unique sense for pop. Pigeons & Planes call his latest single ‘In My Arms’ a “melancholia-tinged piece of experimental electronic-pop.” Nice work. 


Woodstock-producer Photay spent a month in Guinea studying drumming and balafon where he was heavily influenced by local culture, taking a particular shine to the local music with it’s intriguing rhythm. Inspired by his trip, he recorded a self-titled 12-track electronic record which feels more like an adventure than an album. Crack In The Road call it “an unrelenting listen, both in your face and somehow detracted from the listener, dwelling in its own unique consciousness”, and it kind of makes us feel like packing our bags and moving to Guinea.