Ultra Eczema’s Dennis Tyfus’ 10 favourite Belgian releases

Dennis Kelly Tyfus (Wilrijk 1969) is a visual artist and publisher of music/sound/art books/etc via Ultra Eczema. He hosts a radio show at Radio Centraal, while living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Got introduced to music through Radio Centraal and friends, and to Belgian  music specifically because it is unavoidable in Belgium.

1.Speleocombo- Niet open doen  (Niet open doen, year unknown, self released 7″)

The entire edition (300 copies) of this single is in a juke box in a museum  somewhere in Holland.  Consequently, it took me 15 years to find this single.  This band consisted of a bunch of Dutch artists that studied in Antwerp,  which is where one of their members Egbert Aerts gave me a “test copy” that  evaded the jukebox.

2. Jean Hoyoux – La Marssivité  (Crets 2xlp, 1981, Planètes)

Incredibly heroic track, apparently made as a therapy record.  The rest of  the record is quite esoteric in a way, though this one can easily compete  with the German electronic masters of cheese!

3. Kebab – Life it’s A Joke (Life it’s a joke, 1982, Barakkenplaten 7″)

Lovely plastic punk that sounds like Crass if they were from Limburg and  replaced their drummer with a toy drum machine.

4. Fabien Collin – Satan in eigen persoon (Ik ga weg / Satan in eigen persoon, 1966, Polydor 7″)

Beautiful Antwerpian Provo that tried to sound like Dylan. A rather notorious  figure in the 1960s Antwerp , he disappeared  after joining a religious cult in  Hoboken… A reissue of all his songs would be most welcome!

5.André Stordeur – Nang na nang (18 Days, 1979, Igloo Records LP)

A gorgeous record by this friendly electronic genius, as are many records  published in the early days of Igloo Records —  a label I consider one of  Belgium’s finest ever. If you feel lonely , you should also check out their  releases by Henri Chopin, Jacques Lizène, and especially Arthur Pétronio.

6. Af Ursin – Stilleven (De Overkant, 2014, La Scie Dorée LP)

Someone  pointed out to me once that Af Ursin’s music sounds like an old clock, a description I  think is spot on. Timo Van Luijk is a “complete” artist;  everything he does fits perfectly: the aesthetics of his label, his artwork, his music and his character.

7. W. Ravenveer – Vreemde Babbel (2011, unreleased)

Probably the only artist in this list that punched me (more than once)  in the face and stomach.

8. Lio – Housewife of the year (Suite Sixteen, 1983, Attic LP)

Lio is always welcome to join me for dinner — and breakfast.

9. Paul Severs – Puzzles (Irina / Puzzles, 1971, Start 7″)

Bizarre and naive “soft garage” jam by über slimey schlager singer  Paul Severs.  I  doubt he knew what LSD was when this was recorded.

10. Plexigladz – Verveling (Mind Control, 1981, Knight Industry 7″)

This may not qualify as I do not own this single. I love this odd  track and would really love to know who this is and hear more by them!  Please get in touch if you happen to know more . It’s not Jo Bogaert or Harald Thys, unfortunately.