Valentine’s Day is all about making your plus one feel special and, together with a roster of local musical talent, we’ve commissioned a number of exclusive mixes to do just that – making you, our beloved readers feel special. Kicking off our series is Uphigh Collective‘s founder William with his mix fit for breakups. To put it in his own words: “My breakup mix is rough, soft, has ups and downs and holds 26 strong songs all mixed up into 32 minutes of mixed-up emotions…” Read his full interview below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Word-only mix. Back on Monday with a mix Miss Hot Tracks.

Can you describe this mix in a couple of words?

I wanted to make a mix that reflects the roller coaster of emotions that you’re going through while breaking up. Uptempo, downtempo, relieved and happy, yet sad and even mad, rough but sentimental at the same time.

When and where did you record it?

I kind of selected the tunes during the last week in-between rehearsals and studio sessions, one evening I just put them in ‘the right order’ and recorded the mix in one take on my two decks and added some samples the next day.

What is your favourite track on it?

Dirg Gerner – My Queen

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

We’re doing a remix for R&S sister label Apollo + a ‘untitled’ EP should follow soon!


1 Dawn Penn – You don’t love me (no, no, no)

2 Galapagos – Feel things inside

3 Pomrad – Bimzal

4 J Dilla – Last donut of the night

5 Knxwledge – Loavhorts

6 The internet – Love song -1

7 Mosca – Nike

8 Lunice – Juice

9 Dark Sky – Be Myself

10 Uphigh Collective – Smooth pinapple

11 Bok bok – Silo pass

12 Objekt – Tinderbox

13 James Blake – CMYK

14 Phanes – Lucky woman

15 Dirg Gerner – My queen

16 Deebs – Doo wop

17 Clutchy Hopkins – 3:34

18 The internet – Cunt

19 Hubert Daviz – Falling

20 Samiyam – Cushion

21 Tiago – Babel fish

22 Kanye West – Can’t tell me nothing

23 Eprom – The symbiote

24 Busta Rhymes – Till it’s Gone

25 Dudley Perkins – Falling

26 Sa-Ra – The bone song

27 Jimmy Edgar – Telautraux

28 Pearson sound – Stiffle

29 Addison Groove – Fuk tha 101