The throwaway project debuted during festival season last summer. Dozens of disposable cameras were dished out to a handful of artists and bands (everyone from HEALTH to Jamie Lidell and Jimmy Edgar, click here for the full series) with one simple instruction: click away, then send it back to us. We introduced the on-going series to the magazine’s pages with, as first-timers, Belgium’s very own Vermin Twins. The up-and-coming experimental-vocoder-driven-electronic two-piece gives us an insight into their daily lives, starring synths, guitars, raging bonfires and a teensy-weensy Chihuahua.

Photography and captions Vermin Twins

Jean-Pierre Jarre, the unknown twin of Jean Michel


Too many stickers but no talent!

Fire in the hole!

5 Point Finger Fire Split Technique Skill (5PFFSTS)

He used to be our friend but now he lives in Diest!

Food motivation: 0.1

Back Scratch Fever

Some call him J or Djanaan.

Get out of my dreams, get into my car.

Blurry Fluf Rubber

Our Highness!

Some hooligan we picked up…

With thanks to Ulrike Biets