From the weekly deviant disco residency that’s been going strong for 20 years to the newest underground electronic show to hit the airwaves, here are 10 of the most exciting, alternative radio shows in Belgium today.

Join us on Thursday 16th June at Bozar for a night of locals only concerts (Sale Gosse, It It Anita and KZK) and DJ sets (soFa and Sixsixsixties) to mark the release of our June-July edition.

1. Fomarggio FM on BRUZZ

  • When? Wednesdays at 22h, online or on 98.8fm.
  • Who? Aidons Antoine (Le Pacifique), Lawrence Le Doux (Vlek & Le Pacifique), Dekeyser (Bepotel) & Runkkari (Vlek).
  • What? Uniting four of Brussels’ most prolific players in the electronic sphere, Fromargio is the newest addition to BRUZZ’s famed late-night programming schedule, a weekly show of offbeat and oddball electronic music. Always on the fridges, and always reassuringly unpredictable.

2. BAS on Radio Panik

  • When? Wednesdays at 20h30, online or on 105.4fm
  • Who? DJ Athome, Handless DJ, Lawrence Le Doux, Laurens Dekeyser, Walrus
  • What? Hosted by Front De Cadeaux’ DJ Athome for the past 20 years now (the show celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year), most Brussels Alternative Show now also welcome Handless DJ, Lawrence Le Doux (him again), Laurens Dekeyser and Walrus. Think of it as a family affair, with your uncles, cousins and even grandmas bringing their best records along all for the love of the groove.

3. Nosedrip on NTS

  • When? Monday from 21h until midnight, online
  • Who? Nosedrip
  • What? Ostend-based Nosedrip’s monthly show on NTS was only just added to the legendary online radio service earlier this year in May, bringing his signature flair for everything wavy, cosmic and hypnotic to the late-night slot.

4. Wave Frequencies on Radio Centraal

  • When? Thursday from 20h30 to 21h30, online or on 106.7fm
  • Who? Cerrone and Aimé Le Chevallier
  • What? As the founder of new wave re-issue label Walhalla Records, Lieven De Ridder is the country’s unofficial authority on everything a little electronic, homemade and hard. And, with his weekly show on Antwerp’s Radio Central, he continues in his tradition to shine a light on the more obscure fringes of new wave and synth pop circa the early 80s to the fore, with a strong emphasis put on Belgium. It really doesn’t get anymore minimal and underground than this.

5. Treasure Hunting on Radio Panik

  • When? Every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 15h, online or on 105.4fm.
  • Who? Les Ateliers Claus’ Tommy De Nys
  • What? Boasting an impressive record collection as well as years of trials and tribulations in the music industry, the name of Les Atelier Claus artistic director Tommy De Nys’ radio show really says it all. Expect hidden gems from all corners of the world. To give you an idea of the kind of gems to be featured on his playlists, have a look at the favourite Belgian releases he recently selected for us here.

6. Tyfustijd on Radio Centraal

  • When? Saturday from 14h to 15h, online or on 106.7fm.
  • Who? Ultra Eczema’s Dennis Tyfus
  • What? Self-deprecating, uncompromising and permanent surprises ever since 2000 by Antwerp’s very own prodigal son Dennis Tyfus, founder of cult record label Ultra Eczema. This one ain’t for the faint-hearted.

7. Annette & Pascualino à la Radio on Radio Campus

  • When? Every second Wednesday of the month from 19h30 to 21h30, online or on 92.1fm
  • Who? Annette & Pascualino
  • What? Annette (the show’s voice and an illustrator) and Pascualino (the show’s DJ and a photographer) have diligently been broadcasting their bi-weekly, two-hour radio show of melancholic, experimental and oddly dancefloor-pleasing pop for the past seven years now. Everything goes, as long as the vibe is sweet and soft.

8. Moacrealsoa on Radio Panik

  • When? Every Tuesday at 20h, online or on 105.4fm
  • Who? Nico Bogaerts
  • What? A weekly two-hour journey into the more experimental areas of music of all kinds. Describing itself as a “sonic melting pot”, the show’s host spins everything from free jazz and hard-edge industrial to all strands of rock in a daring exercise of music curating. To give you a taste for its “take no prisoners” approach, the show recently celebrated its 24 years on air with a 24 hour marathon. Because that’s what you do when you turn 24 isn’t?

9. Sterrenplaten on Radio Scorpio

  • When? Fridays from 21h to 22h, on Mixcloud or on 106fm.
  • Who? Sam Meulen & Maarten Maes
  • What? Leuven’s own independent station Radio Scorpio launched Sterrenplaten early 2000’s with Sam Meulen at the helm (Maarten joined in 2006) who regularly hosts a rather impressive list of musicians (Sunn O))), Ignatz and Animal Collective to name a few) in his studio. Experimental indie at its strongest.

10. FOB Show on

  • When? Every other Thursday from 19h to 21h, online.
  • Who? BunZero
  • What? FOB celebrates its 10th birthday in July, and is hosted by local dubstep don BunZer0, whose online mixes had become so popular that offered him his very own slot. Made in Belgium, broadcast worldwide and heavy on the bass.