10 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Record store concerts in Brussels, group exhibitions in West-Flanders and a night out with the Dutch in Antwerp.

Friday 6th January: Bimbo Délice at Balades Sonores, Brussels

The next one in the series of in-store shows at Balades Sonores record store is one by Bimbo Délice. Think ambient melodies composed on analog synths with a straightforward pop coating.

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Friday 6th January: EUtopia 28 group exhibition at CC Strombeek

For CC Strombeek’s EUtopia exhibition, no less than 28 young contemporary artists – from around the globe, but with close ties to the European continent – worked around the European Union theme for a year. The result is an exciting amalgam of cultures, actively exploring the highly topical concepts of (crossing) borders. Runs until 8th March.

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Friday 6th January: Water finds its own level talk at Enough room for space Brussels

On Friday, Brussels independent art initiative Enough Room for Space hosts the first in a series of talks and lectures revolving around material uncertainty. Inspired by philosophical theories on uncertainty by Manuel de Landa, the subject is treated in a way that aims to explain and research questions on ecology, society, politics and consciousness.

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Friday 6th January: How to paint a horse at Superdeals, Brussels

Project room and artist residency Superdeals presents How to paint a horse, a three-day group exhibition featuring the expressionist works of, amongst others, radical Belgian painter Walter Swennen and Berlin-based Matthias Dornfeld, comic book inspired drawings by Tom Król. By appointment only.

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Friday 6th January: André Brasseur and band at Charlatan, Ghent

Organ wunderkind André Brasseur strikes down in Ghent’s iconic Charlatan venue. Don’t miss it.

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Friday 6th January: Betonkust and Palmbomen II at Bagger, Antwerp

Taking in Antwerp’s Bagger venue on Friday, Dutch producer collaboration Betonkust and Palmbomen II will have your feet moving all through the night. You can be sure of it.

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Saturday 7th January: Strictly Niceness resident night at La Bodega, Brussels

Afrobeat, disco and funk galore with DJ Kwak, DJ ReeDoo and GonesTheDj at La Bodega.

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Saturday 7th January: Ken Verhoeven at Trampoline Gallery, Brussels

Trampoline Gallery presents Antwerp academy graduate and Fluwelen Koord member Ken Verhoeven’s first solo exhibition. Runs until 28th January.

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Saturday 8th January: Initium at Galerie 10a

Otegem’s (West-Flanders) Galerie 10a inaugurates its opening with an impressive group exhibition that features the works of sculptors Johan Tahon and Johan Parmentier, photographs by Bieke Depoorter and Sarah Eechaut, paintings by Jan Dheedene, Nico Vaerewijck, Bettie Van Haaster (Nl) and Ronald Zuurmond (Nl) and other works by Lieven Segers, Brecht Vandenbroecke and Ward Zwart. Runs until 26th February.


Sunday 8th January: Movie and record fair at De Roma, Antwerp

Old movies, posters, vinyl gems, film reels and cosy Sunday afternoon vibes at the sixth edition of Cinema Roma’s record and movie fair. Completely free of charge.

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