10 things to do in Belgium this weekend (Mockup)

In collaboration with ING Art Center, here’s our list of tips and tricks for a culturally active WE in Belgium. Offline fashion stints in Antwerp, electro wizards in Ghent and urban glorifications in Brussels. Go do the right thing.

Don’t forget to visit Christo and Jeanne Claude exhibition:


Thursday 19th October: Maia Flore – Imagine France by the Sea at BOZAR, Brussels

BOZAR is inviting French photographer Maia Flore to display her latest visual works, amassed over the summer months of 2016. The artist positions herself along miles of French coast and all its environments, using various different mediums. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 19th October: Film Fest Gent Afterparty at NEST, Ghent

Ghent’s legendary Film Fest is in full swing – and thankfully everyone’s taking full advantage of festivities and shindigs. Thursday night is covered by a joint collaboration between Voouit, NEST, KERK and STROOM; inviting the likes of Hiele, Felix Kubin and Nosedrip. Essential.

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Thursday 19th October: Christo and Jeanne Claude at ING Art Center, Brussels

Despite initial resistance from the contemporary art scene, the French-Bulgarian duo Christo (1935) and Jeanne-Claude (1935) gradually attained international status thanks to their ambitious, temporary appropriation of land-mark buildings, monuments and public places. Strong advocates for finite, temporary installations and grand, immediately impactful aesthetics; the duo carried out numerous large-scale architectural gestures, exoticising the familiar and re-imagining the expected. ING Art Centre are visiting Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s impressive career for this year’s expansive exhibition

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The Gates, Project for Central Park, New York City. Christo (c) 1980.

Thursday 19th October: The Bench – A microscopy at CIVA, Brussels

A key fixture of any urban centre, the bench goes beyond mere functionality and public service. The capital’s architectural powerhouse CIVA lays its critical eye on this urban accessory through a group exhibition, in all of its arguably mundane glory. Don’t sleep.

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Friday 20th October: CAPARA Showcase at Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp

A veritable driving force of local Belgian fashion, the CAPARA duo are upping up the ante with a new, almost year-long interdisciplinary project. Over the course of the next 11 months, the Capara sisters are joining forces with various visual artists to produce 11 new fashion items, alongside 11 online and short film collaborations. And to compliment, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde will be hosting a physical showcase of the fruits of their labour – the first round being specifically in partnership with Rutger de Vries, Stef Van Looveren and PANDORAS JUKEBOX.

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Friday 20th October: Köhn & Mathieu Serruys at De Koer, Ghent

A double whammy, local-friendly bill at the Brugse Port-based De Koer, with tech-wizard Köhn and the time-warping Mathieu Serruys manning the stage. Really, need we say more?

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Friday 20th October: Parties So Secret #2 at Benelux, Brussels

Brand new Hasselt-based party promoters PSS are back to make their mark on Brussels this Friday, with a more than decent line-up. Headlined by Miley Serious of the notable Parisian TGAF crew, other names include the Ghent-based duo Natv:Men, Bruce Botnik of Los Niños fame – just to name a few. Get your gladrags on.

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Friday 20th October: Denie Put – Denied reality at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp

Always with their finger on the local contemporary art scene pulse, Base-Alpha have a brand new solo show up their sleeve. Young Antwerp local Denie Put vibrant and outlandish canvases will be made public for th next two months. Go show some love.

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Friday 20th October: Four exhibition openings at S.M.A.K., Ghent

Contemporary art institute S.M.A.K. have truly outdone themselves, with an ambitious four-way exhibition opening this weekend. It’s sure to be an impressive season: Gerhard Richter‘s retrospective About Paintings, Indonesian performances under the EUOPALIA INDONESIA banner, the Collecting Friends exhibition to celebrate Friends of the S.M.A.K.’s 60th anniversary, and an archival exhibition courtesy of Deinze’s Raoul De Keyser. Treat yourselves.

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Saturday 21st October: Manon Van den Eenden – 10 second sculptures at Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp

Witness local artist Manon Van den Eenden live in action this Saturday afternoon, where she takes it upon herself to manipulate 500 kilos of clay into sculptures – but within a short span of ten seconds. End the weekend right.

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