With the summer nearing its end, we’ve selected 12 quirky Belgian Airbnb getaways for those in need of a last-ditch attempt at some holidays before September’s hustle and bustle begins. And, from one-person Brutalist masterpieces and 20-people repurposed factories to enchanted tree houses and listed buildings, the selection includes a little something something for everyone.

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1. Van Wassenhove home, Sint-Martens-Latem

Designed by Juliaan Lampens in the early 70’s, the concrete villa was constructed with brutalist ideals in mind, and is meant to house one single person, with every space in the house connected to the next. Located in the secluded countryside of Sint-Martens-Latem near Ghent, it’s a unique weekend getaway for some withdrawal in nature and style. One that’ll be extensively featured in our upcoming edition’s selection of Belgian Brutalist gems.

theword_brut_wassenh_010 copy 2
 From €250/night

2. Duves, Anhee (Namur)

Basically a loft that looks like a castle, on the site of a 19th century sawmill. Surrounded by Walloon forests, it can host up to four people, boasts an open fireplace, plenty of natural light and an enormous garden, making it suited for both summer and winter getaways.

From €125/night

3. Haaghoek, Horebeke

Located at the feet of the Flemish Ardennes in the village of Horebeke, this architectural stunner accommodates up to ten people. Lots of natural light and untreated wood, combined with a colossal garden make this one perfect for a family excursion.

From €300/night

4. Chalet Ter Poele, Avelgem

Large enough to house up to eight people, this cosy wooden cabin finds itself somewhere on the border of Hainaut and West-Flanders, and on first sight looks as though it could easily be a luxury mountain hideaway, was it not for the surrounding Flemish countryside.

From €250/night

5. Les Bonneteries, Ellezelles

The entire domain of this renovated factory building covers up to 2000 square metres, and has the capacity to house 20 people. Boasting six bedrooms, its own bar, a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool, it looks like a foolproof location to celebrate a birthday or a wedding in the middle of “Le Pays des Collines.”

From €701/night

6. 1845 listed home, Antwerp

A luxury 220 square metre apartment in Antwerp’s city centre, in a listed building from 1845, decorated with what must be the most original artworks on Airbnb’s entire website, yours for €250 a night.

From €250/night

7. Teddy Picker, Brussels

A steal at just €100 a night is this gorgeous luxury loft right in Brussels’ Dansaert neighbourhood, that comes with its own set of records, a record player and a window as big as the walls.

From €100/night

8. Treehouses, Dinant

Although we can’t vouch for the interior of these quirky treehouses, their exterior sure makes for some dreamy cabin porn. In the middle of the Ardennes’ forests and just next to the pittoresque Walloon village of Dinant, they’re perfect for total retreats.


From €100/night

9. Cabane Perchée, Manhay

Surely one of the most elaborate floating constructions around, this treehouse feels more like a villa, with its own kitchen,outdoor shower, jacuzzi and several terraces. One that is sure to score a few points with the kids.

From €285/night

10. Villa Doorzon, Nieuwpoort

A prime example of contemporary ecological architecture, this seaside villa is entirely low-impact, comes with an ecological swimming pond, a fireplace and five separate bedrooms.

From €320/night

11. Houseboat, Bruges

This 110 square metre barge was transformed to a houseboat in 1889, and finds itself anchored in the park of Bruges’ historical centre. The boat houses as many as ten people, has five bedrooms and an enormous terrace, and its own guard dog. 100% authentic.

From €300/night

12. Tipi’s Zonneburg, Ghent

These quirky tents next to the Leie river are, amazingly, located just next to Ghent’s city centre, ideal for a low-budget impromptu summer getaway.

From €49/night