15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Talks in Brussels, hardcore poetry in Ghent and DIY label nights in Antwerp.

Thursday 30th March: Donna Haraway at Bozar, Brussels

Brussels-based Italian director Fabrizio Terranova’s presents his widely acclaimed experimental documentary on prominent scholar, philosopher, biologist and feminist Donna Haraway at Bozar this Thursday. The perfect occasion to get acquainted with Haraway’s all-encompassing body of work in the quirkiest of manners.

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Thursday 30th March: Yves Klein at Bozar, Brussels

One of Nouveau Réalisme’s leading figures, as well as a pioneer in the development of performance art and an avid influencer of minimal and pop art, Yves Klein left his clear mark on the world. Whether through painting, sculpture, theatre, music or radicalist architecture, the French-born artist incessantly aimed to create an absolute abstraction, using pure colours to create an infinite space. In a collaboration with Tate Liverpool, Bozar is exhibiting a monography of Klein’s work. Through 30 works of art the vast oeuvre of the artist is explained and shown to the public, featuring his prominent monochromatic blue paintings (for which he even developed his own bright ultramarine pigment: International Klein Blue), his Fire Paintings (canvases taken on by flamethrowers), sponges and planetary reliefs, accompanied by rarely exhibited films and photographs. Don’t miss your chance to see the work of one of the biggest visionaries of the 20th century.

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Thursday 30th March: Philippe Vandenberg and Bruce Nauman at Sofie Van De Velde, Antwerp

Having never met before, American artist Bruce Nauman engages in a dialogue with the work of Belgian artist Philippe Vandenberg (1952 – 2009) in Sofie Van De Velde’s Antwerp gallery space. A self-declared Kamikaze-painter, Vandenberg explored, using literary, philosophical and art-historical references translated into images, words and symbols, themes of war, religion, sexuality, movement and death, while Nauman focuses his endeavours on body art, sculptures, photography, lo-fi body art, sculptures, environmental pieces, photography, film, holograms, lithographs, prints, books, drawings and countless neon works and video installations. A seemingly improbable duo, both artists’ oeuvres emanate from feelings of frustration and despair, making for a highly emotional and volatile display.

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Thursday 30th March: Beyt al Tapes at Het Bos, Antwerp

Closet of records, an event series inviting DIY labels to Antwerp’s Bosbar brings Gentbrugge cassette label Kerm to the diamond city, to celebrate its 25th release – ‘You are now entering Zimbabwe’, by Beyt al Tapes. A night of challenging electronica in the cosiest setting.

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Thursday 30th March: Joachim Koester at STUK, Leuven

Danish video artist Joachim Koester’s work hovers somewhere along the borders of documentary and fiction. He’s presenting his most recent video installation Maybe this act, this work, this thing, alongside a selection of works from his series Of Spirits and Empty Spaces, and three meditation tracks: Department of Abandoned Futures, Drifting through Passaic, and Museum of Modern Art, Department of Eagles at Leuven’s STUK cultural venue.

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Thursday 30th March: Opening Open M at Cas-co, Leuven

Leuven’s M Museum is in for the fourth edition of Open M, a group exhibition titled There’s always more to see, featuring different visual artists – Arnaud De Wolf, Bastiaan van Aarle, Ash Bowland, Dieter Daemen, Dieter Van Caneghem, Dirk Roseport, Marjolein Guldentops, Pierre Philippe Hofmann, Katrin Kamrau, Oliver Leu, Paul D’Haese and Pieter Léo – each of them linked to the province of Flemish Brabant. Exceptionally taking place at the industrial premises of Cas-co, it’s bound to be an edition not to miss.

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Friday 31st March: Blind spot mirror at feeelings, Brussels

Newborn art space-cum-boutique feeelings invites French artists Audrey Gleizes and Maya De Mondragon for a performance lecture titled Soubumbra, Blind spot mirror. Intimate, mysterious and worth checking out.

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Friday 31st March: Innershades release party at Épicerie Moderne, Brussels

After Unknown References’ last shindig in Aalst, the DIY cassette label is in for another all-nighter at downtown Épicerie Moderne, with label reps Beato Minacelli, Hoax E. Moron, Second Best and latest addition Innershades. Good vibes guaranteed.

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Friday 31st March: Moor Mother and Nkisi at Vooruit, Ghent

With music that has been dubbed ‘hardcore poetry’ and ‘slaveship punk’, US-based performer Moor Mother – one of Camae Ayewa’s many aliases – takes to the stage of Ghent’s Vooruit . A true visionary, the raw chaotic soundscapes mixed with eerie vocals and spoken word make for a show that’s bound to be unexpected and confronting. NON-records co-founder and iconoclast producer Nkisi – who’s official debut album Kill came out no less than a couple of days ago – will be joining Camae for the evening. Absolutely essential.

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Friday 31st March: Margiela, the Hermès years at MoMu, Antwerp

Groundbreaking deconstruction and timeless luxury come together in MoMu’s upcoming exhibition, which celebrates one of fashion’s most extraordinary innovators, Martin Margiela. For this retrospective, the Antwerp institution displays Margiela’s Hermès collections from 1997 to 2003, while offering an in-depth overview linking these to his own label, Maison Martin Margiela. While appointing Martin Margiela as Hermès’ creative director back in 1997, its CEO Jean-Louis Dumas received his fair share of frowns and doubtful looks. And while Margiela’s nonconformist unorthodoxy at first seemed to pair oddly with the traditionalism of the iconic French fashion house, he managed to translate his conceptual preferences for deconstruction, recycling and the avant-garde into sleek and subtle designs, giving Hermès a breath of fresh air.


Saturday 1st April: Lieven Martens and Typhonian Highlife at TRAP, Antwerp

A triple bill at the newly christened TRAP venue in Antwerp, with Lieven Martens (who’ll present his new record and book, released on his label Edições CN), and live shows by Typhonian Highlife and temporary Antwerp resident Ducktails.

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Saturday 1st April: Vaast Colson at Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp

Antwerp gallery Trampoline presents the finissage of provocateur and performance artist Vaast Colson. Talks will be held, and unexpected things will happen. Go have a look.

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Sunday 2nd April: Uproot by Jace Clayton at NGHE, Brussels

A Sunday afternoon reading about global music and digital culture, and art production in the 21st century by Jace Clayton, also known as cult DJ Rupture to celebrate his book Uproot. A thought-provoking dissertation with a family-feel at Molenbeek’s NGHE.

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Sunday 2nd April: Vlek label night at Huis 23, Brussels

Brussels-based independent music label Vlek celebrates its latest release, Quadcore by filmmaker, sound artist and composer Yann Leguay, in which drones, digital rhythms and analog sounds come together, at Ancienne Belgique’s Huis 23 this Sunday. An intimate – and entirely free – evening, and the best way to end your weekend, if you ask us.

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