15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Japanese krautrock in Brussels, exhibition openings in Ghent, record signings in Antwerp and the festival of all festivals in Eupen.

1.Wednesday 21st September: Minami Deutsch at Le Bunker, Brussels

A live performance by Japanese krautrock ensemble Minami Deutsch, Los Angeles fuzz three piece Blaak Heat and Portuguese psych rock band 10.000 Russos at St-Josse alternative hotspot Le Bunker. Brace yourselves.

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2. Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd September: SoundImageCulture at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

A two-day collective workshop by and for artists, filmmakers and anthologists with debates and discussions on the aesthetic practices of contemporary documentary making, book presentations, a multi-media library, and film screenings by Sammy Baloji and Margaux Schwartz, amongst others.

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3. Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th September: La joyeuse ouverture at BRASS, Brussels

Forest’s cultural temple  opens the cultural season with a bang this weekend with four days of artistic workshops, poetry readings, a road movie-shaped performance by actor Roda, a rap concert by Uman, and a closing party with Berlin-based DJ Habibi Funk manning the decks.

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4. Friday 23rd September: The Wind Egg film screening at Harlan Levey, Brussels

Brussels and Zurich-based artist Haseeb Ahmed (1985) creates installations and site-specific objects while drawing inspiration from the field of hard science. His solo exhibition at Harlan Levey this season is called ‘Wird’, and is the second instalment in an unfolding trilogy. It follows his initial “Wind Egg” experiment, wherein the artist used wind and a vulture to prove the ancient Greek theory that animals could be fertilised in the same way as plants. As such, Ahmed presents a specially designed wind tunnel in which spectators can see the face of the wind, alongside drawings and sculptures. This Saturday an exclusive screening of the ‘The Wind Egg’ film is taking place at the Brussels gallery, which explains the experiment’s learnings, results and implications in further detail.

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5. Friday 23rd September: Crevette Records launch party at Fuse, Brussels

Brussel’s newest addition to the record store circuit, Crevette Records opened its doors just last week although that hasn’t stopped the fun from continuing. On Friday, the store invites Rush Hour resident Antal for an all-night set, while taking in the Motion Room at neighbouring Fuse club. We’ve heard whispers that tickets are going fast, so don’t be late.

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6. Friday 23rd September: Thin Consolation micro evening at Cinéma Nova, Brussels

Brussels cutting-edge cinema venue and cultural space Cinéma Nova invites independent record imprint Thin Consolation for the presentation of their recently released birthday compilation cassette, Spent, during an evening that combines video projections, live sets by the label’s artists LBNHRHX, Dalcym and Mehbian and DJ sets by Bonhomme de Bronze, Odaka and Miyu. Non-conformist fun until the early hours guaranteed.

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7. Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th September: Parcours d’artistes at Etterbeek, Brussels

The second edition of Etterbeek’s artists’ trail takes place all weekend. Local artists are exhibiting at Créadance, while a series of photographers are invited by Tête-Beche collective to expose their work above mediteranean supermarket FreshMed.

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8. Friday 23rd September: Jeremie Gindre opening at KIOSK, Ghent

Swiss artist and writer Jeremie Gindre (1978) presents his first Belgian solo show at KIOSK, called Kamp Kataloog. Pictured as a poetic study towards the shapes of cultivated landscapes, the exhibition follows three prior ones that took place over the summer (La Criée, Rennes), spring (Kunsthalle, Mullhouse) and autumn (KIOSK, Ghent). The resulting catalogue compiles the work of these three shows and depicts different types of landscapes. Don’t see these as guides though but, rather, as an encyclopaedia of trivial memories that trigger the imagination and long lost memories with the reader.

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JeremieGindreKIOSK copy

9. Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th September: The Super Narrative at Inderuimte, Ghent

In this group exhibition at Ghent’s Inderuimte, 19 local and international artists focus on different communication mediums, while looking for a way to break free of traditional conversation methods, into a pure, metaphysical language. Alongside the exhibition, a series of concerts and performances by Arma Agharta (LT), Aiden Baker (US) and Al Doum and the Faryds (IT) take place on Friday night.

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10. Friday 23rd September: Palimpsest at Convent, Ghent

Ghent’s youngest contemporary art space Convent opens its doors this Friday with an exhibition centred around Romanian artist Ciprian Muresan’s installation ‘Bucharest city model’, which is then juxtaposed next to works by German artist Joachim Bandau,  Czech painter and sculptor Pavel Büchler and Antwerp-based conceptual artist Oscar Hugal.

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11. Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th September: Meakusma Festival at Alter Schlaghof, Eupen

Head over to the Cantons de l’est this weekend, where Meakusma closes the festival season with a bang, and a killer line-up that features local heroes ssaliva, Robert Bergman, Nosedrip, Hiele, Aymeric de Tapol and many, many others.

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12. Saturday 24th September: Hippocampe Fou and Stikstof at Espace Magh, Brussels

Downtown Brussels cultural space Espace Magh invites prominent French rapper Hippocampe Fou this Saturday, with local Flemish-spoken rap ensemble Stikstof on support.

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13. Saturday 24th September: Les Croisières Dolori at Barlok and Magasin 4, Brussels

Brussels underground cultural venues Barlok and Magasin 4 join forces for a series of concerts this Saturday. At both locations performances will be held all night long, and hopping from one venue to the other is much encouraged. In total, 10 bands will take to the stage, and hotshots include Les Croisières Dolori, Les Dauphins et la Science and La Jungle.

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14. Saturday 24th September: Palmbomen II at Bagger, Antwerp

Brand new Antwerp club Bagger hosts a night of experimental, exotic and eclectic house music, with a live set by Palmbomen II (US), and DJ sets by Antwerp’s own Arno Lemons and Chubbee Bee.

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15. Saturday 24th September: Enzo Kreft at Coffee and Vinyl, Antwerp

Enzo Kreft owes his fame, for the most part, to two obscure minimal synth cassettes, released in the early eighties. Belgian underground wave imprint Walhalla records compiled both tapes on vinyl and invites the artist to present his music at record store Coffee and Vinyl, alongside a signing session.

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