15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Poetic performances in Leuven, ephemeral ensembles in Brussels and post punk pioneers in Antwerp.

  1. Wednesday 19th October: Mild High Club at Madame Moustache, Brussels

Alexander Brettin, or Mile High Club, presents his debut album ‘Windowpane’ with a co0ncert at downtown stalwarts Madame Moustache, with resident duke on late night duty. Expect swirling synths and hazy psychedelic.

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2. Wednesday 19th October: Rosas – The Song of the Life and Death of the Cornet, Rainer Maria Rilke at STUK, Leuven

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her dance troupe Rosas head to Leuven for a performance based on Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem ‘The song of life and death and the cornet’. Translating Rilke’s rhythmic prose into dance, translating language through movement, De Keersmaeker’s choreography walks the line between spoken word and chant, and between the lyrical and the prosaic.

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3. Thursday 20th October: Exposition Fumihiro Ueoka and Jozef Devillé at Stephanie Jaax gallery, Brussels

Japanese illustrator Fumihiro Ueoka is presenting a series of new works at Brussels’ Stephanie Jaax gallery, inviting friend and filmmaker Jozef Devillé along for his first ever gallery exhibition where he’ll be presenting ‘Juoksentelisinkohana’, a series of new photographs, alongside a perpetually changing video with hourly additions and changes in montage.

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4. Thursday 20th October: Eddy Detroit and Ignatz at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Phoenix songwriter and underground legend Eddy Detroit got invited by Les Ateliers Claus for a night of dazed and psychedelic punk rock with some folk touches, accompanied by Ignatz’ timeless bluesy mystical folk and Swiss La Tène’s pulsating drone.

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5. Thursday 20th October: Hideyuki Ishibashi opening at Ibasho, Antwerp

Ibasho, the Antwerp gallery specialised in contemporary Japanese photography, hosts a solo show by Hideyuki Ishibashi, whose photographic practice takes in the reconstruction of found postcards, Google Street View shots and online imagery to create an entirely new narrative that’s mysterious, yet simultaneously nostalgic and evocative.

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6. Friday 21st October: Extra fort – Chrystel Mukeba, Solal Israel and Magda Biernat at Recyclart, Brussels

Recyclart hosts another edition of ‘Extra Fort’, its on-going series of photography lectures. Brussels-based photographers Chystel Mukeba and Solal Israel both give an hour-long and comprehensive introduction to their work and vision, while Polish photographer Magda Biernat presents her latest series themed around the domestic environment.

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7. Friday 21st October: Journée de réflexion: Grand Angle, entre nature et culture at Université de Travail, Charleroi

As part of Charleroi’s street-art biennale Asphalte, a number of sociologists, artists, architects and philosophers gather at the city’s university for a debate and a reflection on mankind’s relationship with nature in all its aspects, alongside a guided tour of BPS22 museum’s current exhibitions”Metamorphic Earth. Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert” and “Panorama. Collection de la Province de Hainaut.”

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8. Saturday 22nd October: Aksak Maboul at Botanique, Brussels

Iconic Belgian ensemble Véronique Vincent and Aksak Maboul present their hommage album”16 Visions of Ex-Futur” during five concerts, one of which takes place this saturday at Brussels’ Botanique. An exclusive opportunity, Aksak Maboul steps to the stage with musicians Laetitia Sadier (UK), Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FI) and Aquaserge (F) for an ephemeral 2-hour long performance.

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9. Saturday 22nd October: Prince Harvey at The Hope, Brussels

Prince Harvey, the young New York-based rapper who secretly recorded his album ‘Phatass’ in an Apple outlet in Soho, using nothing more than his voice and the Garage Band app, is touring Europe for the very first time, his first stop being Brussels temporary art space The Hope this Saturday.

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10. Saturday 22nd October: Jean-Pierre Bertrand opening at Komplot, Brussels

Based between Brussels and Nice, the conceptual works of Jean-Pierre Bertrand (1981) bursts with metaphors, allegoric references and hints to bygone glory. His solo exhibition at Komplot this season researches and dissects intrinsic functions of certain objects, turning processes into atom-sized particles. Through photographs and mixed media the artist attempts to bridge the divide between fulfilment and eagerness while depicting his struggle with the elements.

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11. Saturday 22nd October: Traitor, you left fluxus! at Extra City, Antwerp

A tribute to Fluxus, the radical and experimental movement of the 60s, with Philip Corner’s meditative piano compositions, Red Brut’s field recordings, Blood Stereo’s intuitive instrumental associations and Remörk’s deconstructed electronica.

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12. Saturday 22nd October: Black music record sale at KERK, Ghent

A record fair with hidden gems and genres ranging from soul and R&B to dancehall and brass at Ghent’s KERK. Plus there’s  a roller disco of course.

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13. Sunday 23rd October: Homeboy Sandman at Bazaar, Brussels

Known for his endless rhyme rhythms and sharp lyrical wit, iconic Queens wordsmith Homeboy Sandman presents his latest album ‘Kindness for Weakness’ at Brussels’ Bazaar club. Boombap rap for today’s generation.

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14. Sunday 23rd October: Crash course in science + Severed Heads at Het Oude Badhuis, Antwerp

A one-night Belgian exclusive with legendary new wave and post punk madness featuring Australian three piece Severed Heads and US ensemble Crash course in Science. The legendary 80s musical pioneers make their way to Antwerp centre Het Oude Badhuis for a night high in nostalgia.

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15. Sunday 23rd October: Coco Haram and friends, livestream

Streamed live from their bedroom studio in Antwerp, prolific duo Coco Haram presents the release of Contemporary Toyboy, their heartbreaking first album, released on Brussels cassette-only label Unknown References. Features Hantrax and MU on support.

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