15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

A 12-hour rave in Brussels, extreme pétanque in Ghent and an 3km artist wall in Antwerp. Our selection of 15things to do in Belgium this weekend.

1. Thursday 30th June: Dust Dealers opening @ Dust Dealers, Brussels

The latest record store to open in Brussels, Dust Dealers mostly specialises in second-hand jazz and soul records. For its official opening this evening, head honcho Oldy Clap – himself a seasoned digger and collector – will be behind the decks. Support your local dealer.

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2. Thursday 30th June – Friday 1st July: Soromance #2 @ La Trappe, Brussels

Soromance is a girl-powered and girl-power fanzine that seeks to rise above rivalries to, instead, celebrate affection and ambition. As its name suggests, its bromance, but for women. With its second edition about to hit the streets, it is organising a launch party tonight in Jette’s La Trappe with concerts by electroclash girl band Glitter Vasoline (BE) and London queer queens Ravioli Me Away.

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3. Thursday 30th June: Albert Mayr @ MUHKA, Antwerp

Cult record label Ultra Eczema’s temporary residential space at the top floor of Antwerp’s MUHKA welcomes Austrian artist Albert Mayr to create one of his symbolic audiovisual installations that take a play on our daily surroundings.

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4. Thursday 30th June: Destination earth @ Bosbar, Antwerp

Deconstructed guitar riffs by W. Ravenveer, noisy synths by Michael Crabb and futuristic abstract hip-hop by Yung Gwidetti at a free concert in Antwerp’s Bosbar.

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5. Friday 1st July: Favourite Belgian Releases 01 – Rick Shiver @ The Hope, Brussels

We bring our beloved online feature Favourite Belgian Releases to life, inviting some of the city’s foremost tastemakers over to The Hope for a series of six monthly live listening sessions. Kickoff is tomorrow Friday at 20h with DJ and producer Rick Shiver taking us through 25 of his iconic Belgian cuts, followed by a screening of the Belgium-Wales quarter final at 21h and celebratory DJ set in the basement starting at 23h.

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6. Friday 1st July – Tuesday 4th July: Couleur Café @ Tour & Taxis, Brussels

The quintessential Brussels festival marking the start of the summer season takes place this week for the last time ever at Tour & Taxis, with the usual killer line-up that includes Chic feat. Niles Rodgers, Method Man and Redman, Hudson Mohawke, Omar Souleyman, Roméo Elvis & Le Motel, SupAfly Collective, Woodie Smalls and Arno. Get the festival season started on the right foot.

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7. Friday 1st July: LaMontagne exhibition @ LaVallée, Brussels

Molenbeek art space LaVallée‘s first eponymous exhibition carries the paradoxical name LaMontagne and has a group of multidisciplinary artists work around the theme ‘Mountain’, with all the metaphors the word entails. Until 18th July.

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8. Friday 1st July – Saturday 2nd July: 11 kunstenaars tegen de muur @ Kattendijkdok, Antwerp

In the context of creative project ‘Born in Antwerp’, artist and curator Lieven Segers (who also pays visit to our residency artists every three months) invited 11 Antwerp-based artists to leave their mark on the city’s walls. The result is a 3 km long route where passers-by can view the works of Luc Tuymans, Nadia Naveau, Guillaume Bijl, Dennis Tyfus, Denie Put, Fred Bervoets, Guy Rombouts, Michèle Matyn, Nick Andrews, Nel Aerts and Lieven Segers himself during the entire year. No-wave punk four piece Fluwelen Koord, electronic producer Hantrax and counterculture virtuoso DJ Stoute will all be at hand for the afterparty at Kattendijkdok.

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9. Friday 1st July: Festival Friday @ Kuurne

A laid-back, if a little unlikely, free festival in the West-Flemish countryside. Beers, a cocktailvan, good food and wavy DJ sets by Kid Sublime, Nosedrip and MVMNT.

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10. Saturday 2nd July: 4 years deep in house @ The Lodge, Brussels

A 12 hour rave in Molenbeek’s The Lodge with visits from NYC producers Fred P, DJ Qu and Gunnar Haslam. On support are live sets by Bepotel’s Sagat, Walrus and &apos and Deep in House’s residents Chris Ferreira, Kafim and Gurl.

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11. Saturday 2nd July: Klubnacht Goud @ Klub Goud, Antwerp

High in the sky on the 21st floor of Antwerp’s A-Tower, Klub Goud invites Cleveland, Photay, Jonas Leon and Miss Schwarzkopf, whose eclectic melodies go from acid to house and guarantee to keep the crowds going way into the early hours of the morning.

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12. Saturday 2nd July: Nieuwland @ Nieuwland, Ghent

A brand new two-day festival, bang in the centre of Ghent, organised by creative space Tuupe and restoBAR Charlie, with Asa Moto, Big Whoop and STEREOCiTI on line-up duty and backed up by culinary delights and “extreme petanque,” whatever that is.

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13. Saturday 2nd July: Panorama @ Marcinelle – Charleroi

Charleroi-ctivists Rafales join forces with three cultural institutions – Le Vecteur, Eden and Rockerill –  for a completely free outdoor festival on the Terril des Hiercheuses. Boasting a gorgeous view of the city of Charleroi – hence the festival’s name – the line-up includes experimental goodness by Linus Vanderwolken, Benoît Lizen and Philippe Cavaleri.

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14. Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd July: Fête de la baraque @ Ottignies-Louvain-la-neuve

A day-long affair of countryside shenanigans, complete with vegetarian buffets, bows and arrow contests, beatbox punk by Gadafiste Brothers, synth chansons by Pietra Pied de Biche, metal-inspired violin solos by Mr Macraille and  DJ sets until deep into the night.

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15. Sunday 3rd July: Elina Salminen @ SECONDroom, Ghent

Finnish painter Elina Salminen’s work plays with colours in the most subtle way, bringing to light the ambiguity of perception. In DOK’s creative space SECONDroom, she’ll be showing the results of a week’s worth of labour for an evening-only exhibition.

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