19 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Audiovisual performances in Antwerp, Architectural scale models in Ghent and release parties in Brussels.

1. Wednesday 30th November – Sunday 4th December: Brussels Cinema Days at Bozar, Brussels

During the Brussels Cinema Days, Bozar celebrates European cinema, all weekend long. Through an extensive programme of highly acclaimed as well as lesser known films, and a broad selection of Belgian movies, the museum offers a comprehensive overview of European cinema’s legacy. Essential viewing.

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2. Thursday 1st December: La Jungle at Atelier 210, Brussels

Psychedelic math rock duo La Jungle takes to the stage of Etterbeek’s Atelier 210, presenting their second album ‘II’. Accompanied by post-rock ensemble Totorro and indie math-rock trio Rince-Doigt, this one’s not for the faint hearted.

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3. Thursday 1st December: Plug & Play at The Hope, Brussels

The, by now notorious, Plug & Play evenings at Brussels’ art space The Hope are bound to get your feet moving. Musical honours of the evening go to multidisciplinary artist Aline Bouvy.

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4. Thursday 1st December: Art of the biotechnosphere at WIELS, Brussels

The first one in a series of lectures hosted by Komplot at WIELS contemporary art centre features Danish curator, art critic and consultant Toke Lykkeberg. Through an extensive 2-hour talk and several real-world case studies, Lykkeberg explains and clarifies how artistic practices today are more collective endeavours, and more about directing than about mastering techniques.

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5. Thursday 1st December: Hadrien Du Roy at Island, Brussels

Belgian painter Hadrien Du Roy, known for his opaque and transparent oil and watercolour paintings, will be presenting a new series of works at Island gallery. Runs until 23rd December.

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6. Thursday 1st December: ‘Saints’ screening at Het Bos, Antwerp

Dieter Deswarte’s documentary film Saints takes viewers along a captivating journey to the island of Saint Helena, and questions the consequences of (eco-)tourism. For its premiere, Deswarte will give an audiovisual performance together with the film’s soundtrack producer Hiele. The perfect way to see the Belgian electronic music virtuoso in an entirely new light.

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7. Thursday 1st December: Museumnacht, Ghent

The tenth edition of Ghent’s museum night has museums around town open their doors until 1 in the morning. From design and textile to fine arts and contemporary art, hopping from one to the other is above all completely free, and the evening finishes, true to tradition, with a night-long shindig at Vooruit.

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8. Friday 2nd December: Orpheu at Épicerie Moderne, Brussels

Always on the vanguard of forward-looking electronic music, Orpheu strikes down in the depths of Épicerie Moderne once again, for a night of throbbing rhythms and dark basslines, with Brooklyn producer Ron Morelli, Brussels-based enfant terrible Maoupa Mazzocchetti and Orpheu resident Chalk Line.

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9. Friday 2nd December: Lina Viste Grønli at SALOON, Brussels

For its very first exhibition, Saint-Gilles’ youngest art space SALOON is presenting a solo show by Norwegian artist Lina Viste Grønli. Trying to decontstruct narratives and daily-life concepts, her work is embedded with semiotic motives and deconstructed motives. At SALOON, she’ll present a series of objects found on the streets of Brussels, showing them in a shiny yet cheap coating. Runs until 23rd December.

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10. Friday 2nd December: Puur Belge at VK, Brussels

Liège queer punk outfit Cocaine Piss kicks off the release tour of their latest album The Dancer at Molenbeek’s VK on Friday, for the venue’s ‘Puur Belge’ series. Accompanied by noisy trio It It Anita, My Diligence and Massis, the evening is bound to be heavy on the guitar riffs.

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11. Friday 2nd December: Tropical Boobs at Recyclart, Brussels

Occult pop, bass and electronica galore at Recyclart this Friday, with a live act by French mystical pop band Archipel, and DJ sets by Illsyll, Caveman, Rebel Up and Front Chaud. Extravagant and decadent visuals are provided by Les Oiseaux Sans Tête. Unforgettable.

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12. Friday 2nd December: Hiele and Martens at Stadslimiet, Antwerp

An experimental collaboration between Dolphins into the future’s Lieven Martens and electronic music producer Hiele was in the making for quite some time, and will be presented live for the first time ever at Antwerp project space Stadslimiet this Friday.

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13. Friday 2nd December: Dorothy Iannone at KIOSK, Ghent

For her first solo show in Belgium, US artist Dorothy Iannone (1933) is presenting a series of works containing a diverse amalgam of media – painting, sculpture, drawing, collage and photography. Through early abstract oeuvres and lesser known and highly personal work, the exhibition paints a portrait of the multifaceted artist. Runs until 29th January.

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14. Saturday 3rd December: Le Père Noël est un rockeur at Rockerill, Charleroi

Rappers Convok, La Smala, Babelsouk, Demiportion, Globul and Todiefor are all taking to the stage of Charleroi’s Rockerill this Saturday, for the 16th edition of the philantropic concert series ‘Le Père Noël est un rockeur’, organised by Dour Festival and television station RTBF, with all profits going to the battle against poverty in the country.

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15. Saturday 3rd December: Gerard Herman – Braaf Qua Jongen at Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp

Ghent-born artist Gerard Herman has an artistic practice that’s difficult to define through one sole medium. Through active confrontation with societal issues, he uses graphical techniques, installations, animations and sound compositions, rendering these issues accessible in a poetic and slightly absurd way. His upcoming solo exhibition at Antwerp’s Trampoline Gallery opens this Saturday, and runs until 23rd December.

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16. Saturday 3rd December: Objects at 019, Ghent

019, the Ghent art space located on the city’s old docks, presents a two-day only architectural scale model exhibition, with contributions from eight renowned architecture offices. Well worth the visit, it’s moreover a perfect occasion to have a look at Aline Bouvy’s interpretation of the building’s outside 50 square metre Billboard.


17. Sunday 4th December: Elzo Durt exhibition at Balades Sonores, Brussels

Teenage Menopause Records label boss and illustrator Elzo Durt shows his psychedelically morbid visual universe – from posters and drawings to album covers – at Balades Sonores record store this Sunday. Runs until 31st December.

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18. Sunday 4th December: Brussels Vinyl Record Fair at Ravenstein Gallery, Brussels

The 15th edition of the enormous Brussels Vinyl Record fair brings together dealers from around Europe, taking in the city’s Ravenstein Gallery for an afternoon of ceaseless digging.

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19. Sunday 4th December: Saul Leiter screening at FOMU, Antwerp

One of colour photography’s pioneers, US-born Saul Leiter (1923 – 2013) adopted the medium in its early years, at a time when it was still considered a banal vulgarity by photography buffs. Inspired by New York’s streets, Leiter’s photographic compositions often depict mirrors and windows, in a way to tease the spectator’s eye and keep him on his toes, as well as street scenes, road signs, passers-by, formal portraits and architectural landscapes. Dissolving the urban environment, his work conjures a kind of mystery that’s at times reminiscent of Rothko paintings. Criminally ignored by the art world for decades, Leiter’s artistic heritage and influence is now universally accepted. As such, Antwerp’s photography museum shows a comprehensive retrospective of his work, which includes, next to his photographs, sculptures, paintings and publications. Alongside the exhibition this Sunday is a screening of ‘In no great hurry’, the personal and intimate documentary about the artist’s life and work.

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