20 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Microperformances in Antwerp, Billboard beauties in Ghent and Haiti benefit nights in Brussels.

1. Wednesday 16th November: Carne at Hypercorps, Brussels

Spread out over three locations – the ZSenne art lab, Hypercorps and MJ LO Coiffure – in the city centre, the one evening-only group show Carne brings together the work of nine female artists: Joëlle Bacchetta, Solanne Bernard, Anaïs Chabeur, Sophie Duventru, Lisa Lapierre, Mélanie Peduzzi, Laurie Bellanca, Luce Goutelle and Emmanuelle Nizou. And, while stemming from different disciplines, every participating artist has a practice that revolves around the human body, resulting in a unique and expressive artistic ensemble.

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2. Wednesday 16th November: France Sauvage, Aymeric De Tapol, Opera Mort and SiS-Mic at Barlok, Brussels

Experimental electronica aplenty this Wednesday at Barlok, with modular synths and unusual percussions by French trio France Sauvage, shreeking drone by Opéra Mort (consisting of Fusiller and Èlg), Aymeric De Tapol’s hypnotic analogue sounds and SiS-Mic’s electroacoustics.

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3. Wednesday 16th November: Pierre Normal and YZ at HS63, Brussels

Belgian-French cold wave trio Pierre Normal is back after a hiatus, and is set to perform in intimate venue HS36 in downtown Brussels to celebrate YZ’s newest 10″ release on the excellent Pneu/Lexi Disques label.

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4. Thursday 17th November: Richard Phillips at Almine Rech, Brussels

Inspired by fascist era Roman sculpture and the works of Cy Twombly, US-based painter Richard Phillips presents a new series of work for his first solo show at Almine Rech gallery. Runs until 25th February.

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5. Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th November: Brussels art film festival at Cinematek, Brussels

This weekend marks the sixteenth edition of the Brussels art film festival, four days dedicated to experimental, avant-garde and art cinema, in a collaboration that Cinematek, Bozar and Iselp join forces. Focussing heavily on Belgian documentary films on art and the art world, this year’s festival celebrates our national cinematographic talent in all its glory.

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6. Thursday 17th November: Stefan Marx at Plus One Gallery, Antwerp

Through an artistic practice that includes spontaneous drawings based on daily encounters, German drawer Stefan Marx obtained a modest and quirky visual language, preferring mediums such as fanzines, skateboards and vases to display his work. Antwerp’s Plus One gallery invited the artist for a solo exhibition, titled ‘Feelings aren’t final’, offering a comprehensive insight into his work. Runs until 17th December.

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7. Thursday 17th November: Ghost at Postgebouw, Antwerp

Ghent-based collective Raveyards is hosting a series of microperformances at Antwerp’s old post building (which got refurbished and transformed into an open-air food market just last month). Inviting musicians Hantrax, Raketkanon’s Pieter De Wilde, Amen Ra’s Mathieu Vandekerckhove and many others, for what is guaranteed to be an eclectic affair.

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8. Thursday 17th November: Grand Blue Heron + The Cult of Dom Heller at Het Bos, Antwerp

Raw psychedelica, sonic soundscapes and blazing guitars at Het Bos this Thursday, courtesy of UK four piece The Cult of Dom Heller and Belgian Grand Blue Heron.

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9. Thursday 17th November: The Empty Foxhole at HISK, Ghent

For The Empty Foxhole exhibition, SMAK’s artistic director Philippe Van Cauteren selected thirteen students – amongst which Colombian Alejandra Hernandez, Russian Oleg Matrokhin and Belgian Joke Raes – from Ghent’s acclaimed HISK international school of arts. Runs until 12th December.

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10. Friday 18th November: Pornographisme book release and Actionnaires 5th birthday at The Hope, Brussels

A double celebration at Brussels temporary art venue The Hope, marking the release of Pornographisme, a book inspired by erotic posters from the 70s and 80s, and itinerant party concept Actionnaires 5th birthday, accompanied by Rick Shiver’s tropical tunes. Come one, come all.

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11. Friday 18th November: Kasper Bosmans at Gladstone Gallery, Brussels

Inspired by folkloric and historic motives, Brussels and Amsterdam-based Kasper Bosmans creates objects and small-scale paintings. Without a doubt one of the country’s most promising artists, he now joined the acclaimed Gladstone gallery, where he’ll present “Model Garden”, an entirely new series of painting and sculptural work. Runs until 21st December.

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12. Friday 18th November: Malcolm Morley at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels

Part of the US hyperrealist school, Marlcolm Morley describes his work as “handmade paintings from a readymade”. At Xavier Hufkens gallery he’s presenting a new series of canvasses inspired by epic battles throughout history, molding them into colourful collage-like ensembles. Runs until 17th December.


13. Friday 18th November: Blurt, La Jungle and Mont Doré at Rockerill, Charleroi

Commemorating their comeback, mythical London-based free jazz-spirited punk ensemble Blurt take to the stage of Charleroi concert venue Rockerill, with screamo five-piece Mont Doré and krautrock duo La Jungle on support.

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14. Friday 18th November: House Running #19 with Nobuo and Sean Thomas at L’escalier, Liege

Night-long quirky house tunes at Liège’s L’Escalier this Friday, with our very own Nobuo manning the decks.

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15. Saturday 19th November: Le Pacifique x Wichelroede at Épicerie Moderne, Brussels

A double label night at downtown dig Épicerie Moderne, with Le Pacifique records’ crew Aidons Antoine and Offshore § on deck duties alongside Dutch Wichelroede label’s Gebben and Sameer.

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16. Saturday 19th November: Adelheid De Witte at Rivoli, Brussels

Ghent-based artist Adelheid De Witte creates paintings based on found clippings, creating contradictions between past and present, fact and fiction, fantasy and reality. Her solo exhibition at Brussels’ Rivoli building, opening this Saturday, will feature a new series of paintings and installations. Runs until 17th December.

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17. Saturday 19th November: Ensemble pour Haiti at Théatre de Poche, Brussels

Uman, DJ Kwak and Théatre de Poche unite their forces for a benefit gig in support of Haïti, recently struck by a devestating earthquake, with earnings entirely going to ORE, a development project aiming to help the country’s agriculture. The philantropic evening will be hosted by DJ Kwak, Poaw, DJ Eleven, Dancehall Station and Doc Lock.

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18. Saturday 19th November: Mørsk at E.m.m.a, Antwerp

The closing edition of Antwerp’s favourite dark techno Mørsk parties promises to be an emotional one. Set, true to tradition, at Borgerhout warehouse Emma, expect a 12-hour affair of pulsating rhythms and blurry beats.

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19. Saturday 19th November: Aline Bouvy and Diesel Project Space at 019, Ghent

For its fifth Billboard series Ghent experimental art space 019 invites Brussels-based artist Aline Bouvy to experiment with the question of contemporary consumption on the space’s 50 square metre billboard. Alongside, 019 invited Liège’s Diesel Project Space, brainchild of sculptor Xavier Mary, to curate a one-day exhibition inside the venue that aims to question mankind’s existential ecology. Topping it off with musical performances by Milan W. and Orrorin Daydream, this one’s not to be missed.

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20. Saturday 19th November: Floating Points DJ set at Le Cadran, Liege

Liège’s SLclub (the offspring of former party collective Forma.T) invites UK producer and DJ Floating Points, known to play vinyl-only sets covering house and techno as well as quirky disco, for a night-long set at Le Cadran. Essential.

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