20 things to do in Belgium this weekend

The closing edition of our Favourite Belgian releases listening sessions in Brussels, early end-of-year parties in Antwerp and exhibition openings in Ghent.

1. Wednesday 7th December: Homeplugged with Violence Conjugale and Videodrome in St-Gilles (Brussels)

Teenage Menopause records lands at Homeplugged HQ – a cosy apartment deep in St-Gilles – and invites garage and punk influenced cold wave acts Violence Conjugale and Videodrome for boldly audacious concerts.

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2. Wednesday 7th December: All eyes on hip hop at Charlatan, Ghent

All eyes on hip hop, the Ghent-rooted party concept that brings to the stage some of the most prolific local players in the genre, presents another evening of local live acts and DJ sets at cultural temple Charlatan, featuring Meyhem Lauren, Mister Critical, Zomb, Azer and many more. Essential.

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3. Wednesday 7th December: True Champions Ride on Speed at Café Video, Ghent

An intimate concert at Ghent’s Café Video by casio-synth infused instrumental rock trio True Champions Ride on Speed.

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4. Thursday 8th December: Favourite Belgian Releases at The Hope, Brussels

We’re going out with a bang for the closing edition of our Favourite Belgian releases listening sessions at The Hope, and invited Lawrence Le Doux, Tommy Denys and DJ soFa to take us through their selection of local cuts, followed by back-to-back DJ sets in The Hope’s cellar space. Get in the mood with Captain Starlight’s selection from the previous edition over here.

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5. Thursday 8th December: Crammed Discs carte blanche at Le Brass, Brussels

Forest’s cultural centre Le Brass invites Marc Hollander and his iconic label Crammed Discs, and gives him a complete carte blanche for the evening. Inviting four recent signings on the label – Aquaserge, Le Ton Mité, Fauna Twin and Rozzma – it’s bound to be an eclectic affair, going from dramatic shoegaze to Egyptian bass.

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6. Thursday 8th December: zOH, Cheval Scintillantes and Johnny Hayway at Rumsteek, Brussels

Anderlecht’s Rumsteek attic is at it once again, hosting concerts by French experimental analog duo zOH, resonant poetry by Cheval Scintillantes and hybrid exotica by Johnny Hayway.

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7. Thursday 8th December: Steven Baelen at Levy Delval, Brussels

Ghent-based artist Steven Baelen’s drawings and paintings stem from, what he calls, ‘notes’, gathered from his daily life and surroundings, then turning them into elaborate and highly detailed constructions. After a solo exhibition at Quebec’s L’oeil de poisson, he presents his second solo show at Brussels gallery Levy Delval. Runs until 21st January.

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8. Friday 9th December: Fausto LP release at Dr. Vinyl, Brussels

Le Pacifique records celebrates their latest release – Silicon Vallée’s Fausto’s solo debut – at local downtown record store Dr. Vinyl, with DJ sets by Aidons Antoine, Beato Minacelli and a live set by Fausto himself. Cosiness guaranteed.

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9. Friday 9th December: Lisa Lapierre and Mansour Badjoko  + Luik Records at The Hope, Brussels

The long-awaited collaborative pop-culture inspired collection between photographer Lisa Lapierre and fashion designer Mansour Badjoko premieres at The Hope this Friday, so grab yours, before it’s too late. Luik Records finishes the evening, with DJ sets by dark disco pioneer Arthur Johnson and rhythmical vibes by Soumaya Phéline.

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10. Friday 9th December: Kym Ward screening at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Part of Hana Miletić‘ ‘Materials’ exhibition programme is a screening of Kym Ward’s Weaving and the Algorithm, a research-based incursion into feminist histories of the algorithm and the use of it in governance and policy making. The event is free, but you might want to make a reservation to ensure your spot.

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11. Friday 9th December: Working title festival at Les Brigittines, Brussels

Working title, the Brussels festival for experiments in dance and installation art, hosts a performance weekend at Les Brigittines art centre, with thought-provoking displays by Christian Bakalov, Melih Kiraç, Celine Butaye, Yurie Umamoto, Matea Bakula and Nick Steur.

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12. Friday 9th December: 5 years Hole of the Fox in Antwerp

For its fifth anniversary, independent art space Hole of the Fox installs an ambitious group exhibition with artists Johnny Gustafsson, Oscar Hugal, Elena Minyeyevtseva, Leon Sadler, Natali Sarkisyan, Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, Yannick Val Gesto, Vincent Vandaele, Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx and Tom Volkaert. Afterparty goes down at Het Bos. Not to be missed.

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13. Friday 9th December: Hannelore Van Dijck at Sofie Van De Velde, Antwerp

Antwerp’s Sofie Van De Velde gallery presents a solo exhibition by Hannelore Van Dijck, who’ll be taking in the entire gallery space with her precise and ephemeral charcoal drawings. Runs until 14th January.

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14. Friday 9th December: 20 years of photography at Ingrid Deuss, Antwerp

Frieke Janssens commemorates her 20-year long career at one of the city’s most prolific photography spaces Ingrid Deuss, showing an overview of her distinctive and highly staged photographic work over the years, testifying her ever-growing love for the medium. Runs until 20th January.

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15. Saturday 10th December: Mercurochrome #2 at Sunset Club, Brussels

The second edition of the alternative pop parties Mercurochrome, where local DJ and Catclub resident Fais Le Beau will present a special – exclusively poppy – DJ set, joined during the evening by Pop Rules and About Us.

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16. Saturday 10th December: Bosbubbles at Het Bos, Antwerp

For its semiofficial end-of-year shindig, Het Bos invites a bunch local heroes to its concert hall. And with a line-up including Orphan Fairytale, Coco Haram, Netwerk and many more, it’s going to be an unforgettable all-nighter. Raise your glasses.

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17. Saturday 10th December: Clara 3000 at Kelly Palmer, Antwerp

It’s throbbing techno and eclectic mixes all night long at Antwerp’s Kelly Palmer club, where French Kill the DJ member Clara 3000 is on deck duties alongside French DJ Emmanuel and Kelly Palmer resident John Noseda.

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18. Saturday 10th December: Orphan Swords and Hiele at De Club, Mechelen

Brussels-based noisy, experimental and techno influenced duo Orphan Swords head to Mechelen this Saturday, together with Antwerp producer and Roland TR-808 genius Hiele, where they’ll perform at local venue De Club for the city’s monthly In Utero concerts.

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19. Sunday 11th December: Chantal Acda and Aymeric De Tapol at Le Brass, Brussels

Experimental music label I Will Play This Song Once Again records is hosting a second evening of concerts at Le Brass, this time around inviting Dutch singer and lo-fi producer Chantal Acda, with local field recording wizard Aymeric de Tapol on support.

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20. Sunday 11th December: Michael Pybus opening and talk at Tatjana Pieters, Ghent

Ridden with pop-culture references, the work of London-based artist Michael Pybus challenges and questions contemporary icons, warping styles, material and references resulting in a high-meets low-brow experience. His solo exhibition, Crumple Zone, opens at Tatjana Pieters gallery on Sunday, and features an ambitious installation, where works on paper and billboard-sized paintings will be presented in a brand-new Ikea showroom piece. Exhibition runs until 22nd January.

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