Année Erotique. What might sound like a brand of kinky lingerie is actually the new range of high-end womenswear that will be launched this summer by Kaat Bloomaert, of Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles fame. This very feminine line only features five designs per season – all exclusively dresses. “I think there’s definitely a trend that’s going back to female basics,” the Brussels-based designer explains.

“People are going back to classical cuts. There’s a need and desire for pure lines, irreproachable quality and timeless garments.” Each design is created to celebrate the female body, regardless of its shape or size. The name is an obvious nod to Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s infamous duet. “A lot of things happened in 1969,” says Kaat. “It was the pivotal period between the 60s and the 70s, which were both fascinating decades. It’s also the year I was born.” Staying true to her heritage, the line will be entirely manufactured in Belgium, as well as designed and supervised by her faithful Marcel team.

And because no new fashion brand is complete without a concept, Année Erotique’s catch revolves around the world’s most mythical hotels. Each dress carries the name and spirit of a precise location, and new venues will be introduced for each forthcoming collection. Madame Dorchester, for example, revisits London’s swinging sixties, taking Twiggy as its muse. Madame Negresco is inspired by the legendary palace’s luxurious aura.

Année Erotique will be available in selected stores as of August.

Madame Dorchester

Madame Dorchester © Kurt Stallaert

Madame Negresco

Madame Negresco © Kurt Stallaert