Tell us what you want. What you really really want.

Our next edition is themed DEMAND. In addition to including our contemporary art special, it will see us get a little political, engage with current issues and take a stance. And, as such, we’re giving the opportunity to our readers to get heard, and published.

That’s right, we want to hear about your grievances, your rants and your frustrations. The things, people and issues that grate you the wrong way, make you want to join the protest and get you talking back to the TV.

  • Your commune’s lack of engagement with its population?
  • Your local council’s use (or misuse) of your taxes?
  • Your police force’s dismal street cred’?
  • Your industry body’s poor understanding of your profession’s needs?
  • Your city’s shocking infrastructure?
  • Your government’s treatment of minorities?
  • Your federal politicians’ utter detachment from the real, everyday issues?

Absolutely anything goes as long as your texts remain anchored in reality and addresses issues that concern us all. We’re not that interested in hearing about that crazy ex of yours that keeps on harassing you or that neighbour whose musical tastes encroach on your personal space. Think of this as your own personal campaign for an issue that is close to your heart.

Keep things local and meaningful.
Be nice and be constructive.
Be concise and be precise.


  • Length: anywhere between 140 and 1500 characters including spaces.
  • Format: A Word document, text file or PDF.
  • Deadline: Friday 26th February.
  • Language: We’d rather your text be in English but, substance being more important that style, if you feel more confident submitting your rant in your mother tongue don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Submission: send your rant to, with MY DEMANDS as the email’s title.
  • Personal information: join your full name, date of birth and current city of residence to your text.

As with everything, we retain the right to edit your texts accordingly and publish what we consider worthy. One thing you can count on though: whether we publish your rants or not, we promise to get back to you.