Dynooo‘s future-forward, Blade-Runner-grade productions have earned him quite the following in Word HQ. With a string of releases to his name, the latest of which surely won a world record for longest ever title (I Feel Like PLaying Sim City Straight From The Floppy And Run A Tornado All Over My Perfectly Functioning Town After I Put The Fire Department Way Too Far So They Wont Be Able To Help My Sim City People), the Ghent-based producer’s knack for bass-thumbing goodness, somewhat offbeat tempos and uplifting melodies is made all the more stronger with his new album, Vvideo Hair. With a track list that reads like the cocktail menu at a beachfront rave for the weird and wonderful, Vvideo Hair’s evidence that the Surf Kill head honcho’s having the time of his life, effortlessly moving from 1980s retro disco beats to hard-up trembling bass belters. Think Dam Funk but with more of a punch to it. Or Hype Williams but more ballsy. Read our interview with the man of many names (he also produces under the moniker Munch Room and, together with label mate Cupp Cave, is one half of Salted Slugs) below, and listen to Vvideo Hair’s digital release here. Vinyl release will be out mid-August.

The Word: What gets you up in the morning?

Dynooo: My cellphone, usually. Only I get up around noon.

TW: What puts you to sleep?
D: Coffee. In the morning.

TW: The freshest thing you’ve heard lately? an expression, a verse, a joke, an insult, a word, anything
D: My buddy telling me about these little house cleaning robots he’s building. He made one out of a bristle, a 9v battery and the vibrating motor from a PS2 controller. He named it The Bristlebot and apparently it has 2000 something views on Youtube.

TW: A few words on your label mate Cupp Cave….
D: One of my best friends. He takes me through the woods and gives me tranquillizers. We have granola together.

TW: The alter-ego/alias you feel most at ease with?
D: Bob.

TW: Your fantasy?
D: A nice little girlfriend would be cool. Turned into such a loner.

TW: Your naughtiest moment?
D: A couple months ago at the supermarket I snatched a cherry.

TW: Your vice?
D: My solid 7 daily cups of joe.

TW: What gets you in the studio?
D: I’m most inspired by movies. Last week I saw every Vincent Gallo film I could get my hands on. I fucking loved Buffalo ’66 and The Brown Bunny (get over the fellatio scene, people). Really into Chloe Sevigny these days.

TW: One word to describe your music (and it can’t be dope)?

D: Dome.

TW: The one album you’d kill for?
D: Can’t think of one. Sorry.

TW: The year you were born in?
D: 1983. Flashdance and Mario Bros.

TW: The year you should have been born in?
D: Naww I’m good.

TW: The TV series you’re watching at the moment?
D: Twin Peaks season 2 again. Best series ever made. Me and François can talk about that stuff for hours, he recently found 3 gigabytes worth of special features. So exciting and timeless.

TW: A good joke you’ve heard lately?
D: A bit ashamed of that one. In London this hoolie-looking Scotsman told me a joke involving a knife and a baby. It was so absurdly disgusting which made it superfunny. People need to lighten up.

TW: Your top 5 albums of 2011 up to now?
Hype Williams – One Nation
Lone – Emereald Fantasy Tracks
Ssaliva – Thought Has Wings
Peaking Lights – 936
James Pants – James Pants

TW: Your favourite fictional character?
D: Benny Dalmau

TW: What’s your next move?
D: Carpe diem, brother. Carpe diem.