All-in-ones, or how the slash generation is re-inventing the work-life balance

In a new collaborative series with discerning cognac maker Remy Martin, whose latest campaign abides by the “One Life/Live Them” ethos, we look into the balancing act played by some of the country’s relentless multi-taskers, getting to the bottom what it is they do and how, realistically, they manage it all.

Lisa Lapierre

I came to Brussels to study photography and dropped out of school after three years as it became apparent that I didn’t fit the model of education they were offering. Since then, I’ve developed a range of different activities, some professional, some personal. I’m a freelance photographer, signed to a brand new agency with offices both in Paris and Brussels called New Comers. I’m also a digital assistant in advertising photography and direct videos for various different agencies and brands. Alongside that, I’m a cross-disciplinary artist, working in various fields such as photography, video art, sound installation and tattoo. I also spearheaded a project called Foreseen, which curates young artists and offers residencies as well as group shows, and for which I am now looking for a permanent space. And, finally, I’m also a cook specialized in American brunch! Breathing is the first bit of advice I’d offer any multi-tasker. If you can’t breathe anymore, you’ve taken on too much.

Lisa (1991) is currently preparing her upcoming book following a recent trip to India last January and getting ready for a photography shoot with new designer Grume. She also would love to take acting classes, but her aversion to school politics would probably get in the way again.

Axelle Mine

I’m currently setting the ground work for a consulting, production and conception agency for the food industry with the aim of bringing structure to a string of food related projects I’ve set up over the years such as Les Cheese&Wine Sauvages or other events I do with Café Numérique. I also work as a food stylist for supermarkets, brands and magazines and, besides that, recently launched Wiffee, a tool for digital nomads and freelancers. It’s an online map that highlights places offering a stable WiFi connexion and good coffee, in Brussels and elsewhere. I also started The Badass Women Club around August 2015 which is a private group by and for bold women. We use it to share inspiration and thoughts as well as discuss the multiples ways of being a woman in our current society. I also try to blog every now and then on various subjects. And, as I spend a lot of time sharing links, articles and visual inspirations on social media, I recently started a monthly newsletter called Stimulus which brings together a selection of links that catch my attention, sending them to subscribers with the hope of inspiring them.  Now, I’ve learned how to balance a mix that is less stressful for me and I guess I also learned how to choose projects that fit my personal values and goals.

Axelle (1988) is currently spending time thinking about new ways to tell a story, exploring the podcast format as well as the ‘live’ option that is now found of every social media.

Damien Aresta

In 2003, I co-founded a graphic design studio together with Pierre Smeets called PLMD (pleaseletmedesign) and we also started our first publishing platform, L’Amicale Books. Between 2010 and 2016, I was a graphic design teacher at ERG in Brussels and, at the same time, I started a new band called It It Anita. It became pretty serious so we decided to start our own label, Luik Records, which produces and promotes a lot of other groups in a variety of different styles, for which I’m also the booking agent or manager. Then, two years ago I started a new platform called Ding Dong Paper that publishes numbered, signed and limited editions prints. Oh and I also host a monthly, French-speaking podcast on Radio Rectangle where I talk for an hour with artists in the music and design fields. Finally, a few months ago, I started a new graphic design festival in Liège with Pierre and two other friends. In my head it looks likes a mess but things end up fitting together pretty well. I guess you could say the universe prioritises things for me.

Damien (1979) is currently thinking about preparing a book with his own photography of the past 25 years whilst also contemplating starting to write the first page of his long-awaited novel.