Antwerp’s Helder: a design studio and interior store all in one

After dropping in on Atelier Solarshop on Monday we’ve moved on to Antwerp’s second design shopping gem, an address that deserves a spot on any design hungry shopper’s wish list – Helder, a design studio and interior store in one.

Antwerp’s Helder, the brainchild of Diana Keller and Brecht Baert, is  more than a mere shop. A shoes and accessories designer teamed up with an interior architect to form this formidable Belgian design duo (who both list stints with renowned fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester on their CV’s) and neither was willing to waste their talent by limiting themselves to simply selling: Diana and Brecht use the store as a platform for presenting their own creations. Since 2010 they’ve been combining contemporary pieces (with a twist) with their own products, and we’ve come across quite a few beauties, by names like Julie Egli, Selab, Makkum and Chevalier Masson and added them to our shopping list. Have a look.

Vrijdagmarkt 13 – 2000 Antwerp