Shopping for design at Antwerp’s Atelier Solarshop

 Spicing up your standard IKEA interior with some unique and special pieces isn’t easy: apart from imagination, you need to know the right places to look. We strolled through the streets of Belgium’s major cities and picked out our favourite design store gems. Each day this week, tune in for a selection of our favorite addresses and featured items. We kick off the series with Antwerp’s Atelier Solarshop.

Atelier Solarshop is a concept store located in Antwerp’s 2060 area that was founded in 2008 by Piëtro Celestina and Jan-Jan Van Essche. The name is a throwback to the days when the place served as a solar panel supplier. Much more than just a shop that sells stuff, it’s maintained as a kind of artistic hub that also plays host to all kinds of events and exhibitions. The shelves feature an eclectic mix: get your hands on vintage tables and chairs but also fashion (including Jan-Jan’s own line), art and jewellery, all carefully selected for their contemporary, modern and harmonious aesthetic. Paying particular attention to young up-and-comers, Atelier Solarshop features pieces from Hui-Hui, Anve or Kati Heck to Izabel Angerer, Christopher Dellstrand and Katrien Van Hecke. Here’s a peek and the store itself plus some of our favourites from the shelves.

Atelier Solarshop
Dambruggestraat 48
2060 Antwerp