A design and interiors selection to take you through the winter

We’ve done a room-by-room survey of essentials, rounding-up those items that were most in need of replacing. From bedroom to bar, here’s our selection of design delectables topping our must-have list at the moment.

For the bedroom

Donna Wilson cushions

Nothing says snuggle up as much as these two super soft, hand-woven 100 percent lambswool cushions from young British rising design star Donna Wilson. Inspired by childhood tales, Wilson’s colourful designs are playful, quirky, imaginative and filled with duck feather cushion pads. Everything is produced in the UK and made by hand, from the spinning and dying to the knitting, cutting and sewing. These fluffy and all-natural pillows with their cute patterns and funny creatures are guaranteed to add a little quirk to your bedroom. (SS)

Donna Wilson cushions (€80).
Available from La Fabrika (Brussels).

Jasper Morrison floor lamp

If you’re anything like us, your bed can very quickly become your office HQ. And, if that’s the case, this modern, sober, and elegant floor lamp developed by London-born Jasper Morrison, one of today’s most influential product and furniture designers, will provide the best kind of lighting. The lamp is partof the iconic Glo Ball series designed in 1999 for Italian company Flos and is made of acid-etched, hand-blown opal glass thatis held by a stainless steel stand. To round things up, its adjustable dimmer will let you change the light bulb’s glow to adapt to every situation. (SS)

Jasper Morrison Glo Ball (€696).
Available from Instore (Brussels).

For the kitchen

Muuto salt and pepper grinders

True to its reputation of adding a little light-heartedness to everyday design, Danish design stalwart Muuto revisits the traditional salt and pepper shakers with its highly likable Plus range. Designed by “Norway Says”, the grinders’ seemingly odd shape and form – the mills are split into stacks of different sized elements – actually works wonders in terms of grip and grind. With four different colour palettes (white, black, Maplewood and multi-coloured) that new counter top of yours will never look the same again. We suggest black for pepper and multi-coloured for salt. (NL)

Muuto Plus salt and pepper grinders (€59).
Available from Design District (Leuven).

By Lassen counter stool

Counter tops in kitchens have never really been our thing. The idea of a family sitting high at the kitchen counter having its dinner somehow didn’t quite, erm, sit well with us. Now, maybe that’s because we’re traditional- ists in that sense, or maybe it’s just because up until now we haven’t quite found the right furniture to change our mind. So you can imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this three-pronged oak bar stool from Danish design house By Lassen. Originally designed as a stool in 1933 by Mogens Lassen for Fritz Hansen, this re-edition is given somewhat of a modern twist, elevated to high chair status in the shape of an elegant and practical bar stool. Needless to say we’re now re-thinking our kitchen top policy. (NL)

ML50 counter stool (from €459 to €739).
Available from Design District (Leuven).

Riess aromapots

The chances of guests complimenting you on your cooking pots are as slim as England ever winning the World Cup again. Cooks and cake stands get complimented on. Cooking pots, if they’re lucky, might get a clean. And even that’s not a sure thing. Imagine our delight then when we discovered Riess’ enamelware cooking utensils, a set of brightly coloured, handcrafted vintage aroma pots. As well as its superior cooking attributes – enamelware’s glass and steel composition results in more intense flavours being whipped up – it really is the modern day twist given to what are Grandma originals that make these office favourites. That, and the fact that we’ll finally be able to serve food straight from the cooking pot next time we have friends over. (SS)

Riess aromapot in silent blue (€120) and slow green (€143).
Available from Pimpinelle (Brussels).

For the office

Another Country desktop series

Another Country, a young Welsh upstart specialised in handcrafted wooden products, has developed a cute and quaint collection of desktop accessories (a pencil sharpener, a pencil pot, a tape dispenser and an storage pot) that blends British country kitchen style with Shaker influences and traditional Scandinavian as well as Japanese wood- work. Timeless and pleasantly restrained, the desktop series stands out through its clever little details. For instance, the storage pot’s lid is not just a rubber cap but turns out to be an eraser too. (SS)

Another Country desktop series.
Pen pot (€23), pencil sharpener (€29), tape dispenser (€29) and eraser pot (€21)
Available from La Fabrika (Brussels).

And Tradition flowerpot desk lamp

The lighting in your office is just as important, if not more so, than the computer you use or the chair you’re sitting on. Indeed, light equals mood, and if you don’t have enough of it, or the right type, chances are you’ll get absolutely nothing done. Or, at the very least, nothing good done. This flowerpot lamp – with its lacquered steel shade, polished steel stand and matching fabric chord – was first designed by design deity Verner Panton as a hanging lamp back in the 60s (hence its name) and is now re-issued by And Tradition. Its spherical shade gives its glow a soft and indirect light that’s guaranteed to increase your productivity without augmenting your stress levels. Think of it as a pot of flowers radiant with natural light. On your desk. (NL)

And Tradition Flowerpot VP4 desk lamp (€374).
Available from Design District (Leuven).

For the living room

Charlotte Barkowski teapot

The tea addicts that we are means we’ve developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession for tea sets of all shapes and form. Be it in design boutiques, flea markets or dusty attics, we’re scouring for long-lost vintage treasures, our eyes seem automatically trained to zero-in on tea sets, the latest of which is this somewhat stocky yet nonetheless lovely teapot by Marrakech-based Belgian ceramist Charlotte Barkowski. Having based her entire practice on the fusion of ancestral Moroccan craftsmanship with a resolutely contemporary approach to design (a clean-lined, less-is-more attitude), Barkowski’s work is a mix of old and new, modern and traditional. Available in a wide range of colours, from grey to bright red, we’re adding this Turquoise version to our growing collection. (SS)

Charlotte Barkowski teapot (€65).
Available from True Colors (Brussels).

Ercol nest of tables

No living room is complete without its coffee table and this gem, a true classic in contemporary furniture, is just the one we needed. Ercol’s nest of tables, which conveniently comes in a set of three and was designed by the company’s founder Lucian Ercolani in 1956, was recently reissued – very much to our delight. The smoothly sculptured, retro-style trio, three-legged with D-shaped tops, instantly won us over with its organic curves and simple essence. Handcrafted in the Chilterns out of elm and beech and finished with wax, the tables retain their natural colour whilst also emphasising the grain of the wood. A piece of furniture with timeless appeal. (SS)

Ercol nest of tables (€620).
Available from La Fabrika (Brussels).