Doris Cleven’s 13 best Belgian animation short films

From 5th to 14th February, Brussels’ Flagey will be hosting the 35th edition of Anima, the animation film festival. To mark the occasion, we’ve enlisted the talents of the festival’s curator, Doris Cleven, asking her to handpick a selection of 13 local shorts, both old and new. Press play and enjoy.

1. Chromophobia, Raoul Servais, 1966, 9’36

Because of its strong and universal issue, its rythm and its narrative concision, the film remains an example of purely visual storytelling.

2. Een Griekse Tragedie, Nicole Van Goethem, 1985

Won the Oscar in 1987, with a feminist, bold and inoclast work.

3. Lili et le loup, Florence Henrard, 1996, 4′

For its strong and ironic issue in contrast with its some childish style graphism.

4. Panique au village, Les Gâteaux, Vincent Patart et Stéphane Aubier, 2000, 5′

One episode of a famous series on Canal + that contributed to the popularity of the two directors and Belgian animation, especially in France. Typical Belgian humour.

5. Flatlife, Jonas Geirnaert, 2004, 11′

Won the Jury Prize in 2004 in Cannes.
For the successful use of the splitscreen and its comical interpretation of the so called butterfly effect.

6. Administrators, Roman Klochkov, 2006, 6’37

Final student film by a young guy coming from Khazakstan.
For its graphic design and humour inspired by quite a dramatic situation.

7. La Poupée cassée, Marie Louise Colon, 2007, 8’30

The subtle way it treats a dramatic issue : the relationship between a sister and his handicaped brother.

8. Autour du lac, Noémie Marsily et Carl Roosens, 2013, 5’05

A successful association between a drawer, an animator and a singer / composer.

9. Dji vou veu volti, Benoît Féroumont,2007, 12’48

Because of the quality of its animation and the use of CGI.

10. Mia, Wouter Bongaerts, 2013, 9’20

Tehcnically original and well mastered and interesting treatment of a social and everyday life issue

11. Betty’s Blues, Rémi Vandenitte, 2014, 12′

Colourful, graphic style inspired by engraving, powerful music and great story

12. De si près, Rémi Durin, 2008, 12′

Subtle evocation of the trauma of a grandfather fighting during WW1.

13. The World Becomes Fame, Alexis Burlat, 2015, 6’04

An incredible hypnotic association between music and visuals.

To be discovered at Anima 2016